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What is a VPN Concentrator?

You have probably heard a lot about different VPN services and concentrators these last couple of years, especially when a lot of people found out that companies are taking and selling their private information. Many businesses and companies have started using these services to get some privacy and anonymity when browsing the web with the creating of a virtual private network. Using such a program will mask your IP which makes all of your actions on the internet completely hidden, no matter which website you open or which file you download. It provides you with a level of security that you can’t get anywhere.

However, sometimes even a single VPN is not safe enough which is why some people like to boost their anonymity with a concentrator. This networking device allows you to connect to any network you want from anywhere on the planet while going through multiple VPN tunnels. This means that your IP will be hidden under multiple layers of security, making tracking it nearly impossible. Even the most powerful computers and experts won’t be able to find your information.

Naturally, before purchasing such a device you will probably want to know how it works, what are the benefits of using it and whether it will provide you with enough security to keep your online life private.

How do concentrators work?

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The easiest and most simple way to explain a VPN concentrator is that is similar to a router. However, its main role is not to emit Wi-Fi signals through your office or your home but to create multiple virtual and private networks and then manage them. While using this device, the communication between different VPN nodes around the world will have much faster communication.

You might be wondering why someone would need such a thing. Well, here’s a quick example to help you understand how a concentrator can help a business. If you own a business or manage multiple employees from all around the world, you probably want them to access certain private documents, but sending them through the regular cloud or email services is risky. You do not want your most confidential files to be leaked to the public, right?

Well, since your workers cannot be physically present in your office, this means your documents will have to leave your building one way or another. Fortunately, with a VPN concentrator, you can create a very secure network that your workers can use to access your files no matter where they are located. They will have fast and easy access to any files you want to share and you will be able to track all of their activities too.

Sure, a regular VPN router could be used for the same reason, but remember that such a router can only handle a dozen people using the network at the same time. If more people try to use it they will either be denied access or the server might crash completely. A concentrator in your office will allow more than a thousand employees to access the work files without any hassle.

Another great thing about these devices is that they can be configured in any way you want. You can pick the total number of users that can connect on the network, give them different privileges, increase or decrease the amount of security and the type of files you want to be shared. If you want to know more about VPN concentrators we recommend that you check out

Benefits of using a concentrator in your business

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Any business that wants to keep all of their information safe from the grasp of competitors or the media, this kind of device is a must. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in one for your business and its benefits.

Unlimited user access

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One of the biggest reasons why companies decide to purchase a VPN concentrator is because a regular VPN starts bottlenecking the efficiency of the company. Sure, using such a router is completely fine, but as soon as your business starts growing and you are employing more and more people, you will soon find yourself in a situation where you cannot supply the files to all of your employees.

So, if you do not want your employees to drop in productivity because they have to wait in line to get access to their documents you should definitely consider investing in a VPN concentrator. With this type of device, you will be able to supply hundreds of different users at the same time, you won’t ever have to worry about your employees access to your server storage ever again.


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Not all documents have the same level of confidentiality. There are always some files that contain one of the most important information about a company and those need to be handled with the highest level of security. Many companies believe that storing this type of file in their own server storage is safe enough, but every time you access that server your IP address can easily be discovered by experienced hackers. The server can then easily be cracked because you are constantly using the same IP address.

By using a VPN you will make the lives of hackers and crack experts a lot harder. They provide every single computer in your business with an IP address that constantly changes. This is what makes breaking into a private network impossible. Every user will have a different IP every time they log in.

Most VPN concentrators come with additional security features which means you can have this device configured to deliver you maximum safety when it comes to sensitive information.

Should you invest in one?

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Well, there are clearly a lot of reasons and benefits why a concentrator is a better option than a regular VPN router, but you will also have to consider the cost of both these devices. Your final choice should be decided by your needs and requirements. Naturally, if you do not have a lot of employees working for your business, there is no need to invest in such a device, but if you are working with hundreds of different users then you will definitely require a concentrator.

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