5 Devices and Tech Solutions That Are Useful for People With Low Vision

We live in an age where when we are experiencing some trouble or face some difficulty, the most often place we look for an answer or a solution is in technology. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, as we live in a digital world where every answer is usually just a few clicks away, and we are simply dependent on our phones, for example. Furthermore, due to the latest technological achievements, we now have plenty of real solutions to problems that most people face, and no, we are not talking about Wi-Fi chargers, as we are more focused on medical equipment, treatments, and procedures.

Take the number of people afflicted with low vision as an example, as that number has increased rapidly in the past couple of years. Now, some will say how technology is also a reason for that, and even though we might agree to some point with this statement, we also must highlight that negligence and not going to eye exams on a regular basis also plays a huge role. But, in the end, regardless of what the reason is, those who have trouble with vision should not worry, as there are some advanced tech solutions that can be of great help.

1. Hand magnifiers


Many of us have tested a simple experiment with a hand magnifier and sun rays as kids and have tried to light a fire. Because of that, most of us are familiar with hand magnifiers and know that besides lighting a fire, they are useful devices to magnify small letters that we cannot read, no matter how good our eyesight is. That makes them a perfect aid for people with a low vision as they can use them for reading or magnifying all the tiny stuff they cannot see well, regardless of whether we talk about reading newspapers or a caption on some post on social media.

In most cases, these magnifiers are used for reading, but they can also be useful for people who want to tighten the screw so tiny to be seen or in many other similar situations. They come in various sizes and can easily be carried around, which also makes them perfect accessories for people who care about their style. Another great benefit is that there are many manufacturers and suppliers all over the globe, meaning that finding the one that suits you the most should not be that difficult.

2. Stand magnifiers

When it comes to magnifiers, hand ones are perfect for people who travel a lot because we can easily carry them around in our pockets or purses, but they can be pretty difficult to use for a long time since we need to hold them at all times. Luckily, there is a much better solution for home usage, as people with low vision can use stand magnifiers and have both of their hands-free to hold the book and turn the pages. One big plus is that many of them have integrated lights, which makes reading even easier since the pages are well illuminated. Of course, they do not necessarily need to be used only for reading, as the person who uses them can use both of their hands for many other activities. Overall, it improves the quality of life in every possible way, regardless of whether we are talking about work-related stuff or not.

3. Smart glasses


One of the biggest and most important tech solutions that have lately reached the market is definitely smart glasses that use AI for their operation. There are plenty of things that AI can do, and besides reading, it can provide necessary navigation information to the person who wears them and identify the faces of familiar people. Just imagine having guidance and help in every possible situation, as that will improve the quality of everyone’s life, especially those experiencing problems with vision.

Now, although these glasses are connected to a smartphone, they do not require an internet connection, so one can be sure that they will work without any problem even if there is no free WiFi connection. It is still the new tech solution, and it is expected that it will be able to do even more in the near future and make life much easier for those with problems with vision. On the other hand, when we take a closer look at how fast this technology has advanced lately, we can expect huge changes in the very near future.

4. Smartphones and apps

Most of us use our smartphones every day for regular things like sending text messages, speaking to our friends and family, or surfing the internet, and that is why we have mentioned how we are highly dependent on the tech, especially our phones. But, most of us don’t know that all new smartphones are adjusted for people with visual impairments, and, thanks to smart software and various apps, these people can use them without any problem. The great thing is that people with low vision don’t need to search for a phone they can really use, and they can even follow the latest trends and use the newest models, as all of them have an assistant for people with disabilities already installed. In general, having phones and apps that those with some vision issues can easily use is perhaps the most important tech achievement, especially if we take into count the amount of time we all spend using phones and how much doing so makes our lives much easier.

5. Audiobooks


Now, among all other tech accessories and features available for those with low vision, audiobooks are probably the most useful. These audiobooks differ from regular ones as they are specially designed and have one main goal, which, besides usual features, is to provide guidance to those with vision problems. Of course, the best way to determine which one you might need is by consulting the experts, but Victor Reader is a handheld media player designed to help people with this problem, and you can find more info on that and the best assistive technology solutions available today at

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