5 Signs Its Time to Buy a New Inverter Battery

When it comes to inverter batteries, you know you must keep your eyes open. You cannot afford to overlook signs of malfunctioning batteries or be incognizant about the signs. It is important to ensure that you have a well-functioning inverter battery. If you settle for anything less than that, you are only putting your home appliances and family members at risk.

Faulty and expired batteries can not only shorten your appliance’s lifespan but can also cause short circuits and harm you or your family.

Having said that, faulty batteries always display some signs that you need to pay close attention to. Here are some signs that reveal that it’s time for you to buy a new inverter battery. 


1. Heating Issues

Although heating issues are normal when an inverter battery is being used, if you experience unusual heating, it can be a cause of concern.

But just to be sure that it is certainly a battery issue, check for the following:

  • Check if you have the correct switch selected according to the inverter battery type. For instance, if you have a Tabular battery, the selected switch should be ‘TUB’. If you have a Flat Plate battery, then the switch selection should be ‘FLAT’.
  • See if the charging current jumper matches the battery capacity. High AH battery should have ‘H’ as the charging current jumper position. Likewise, ‘M’ and ‘L’ for medium and high battery capacity respectively.
  • Remember, every inverter has different settings. Please refer to the instruction manual provided with each inverter and select settings accordingly

If all the settings are right and you are still facing heating issues, it may be a sign that you need a new inverter battery. Please call the service expert to get assistance.

2. The Inverter Battery is Not Charging Through the Inverter

Facing issues while charging? It may be because your inverter battery has become obsolete. Nonetheless, it’s always better to check if battery issues are occurring due to other reasons.

  • Check the inverter to see if the power cord connecting the inverter to the main wall socket is not loose.
  • MCB has tripped or the main input fuse is blown.
  • Excessively low or high voltage.
  • Check if there is a reverse connection between the battery and the inverter. If that’s so it may not only affect the charging capacity but also damage the inverter. The interconnection needs to be right.
  • See if the water inside the battery has dried up.

In case, everything is right, and you are still facing charging issues, then it’s a sign that your inverter battery is flawed, and you might need a new battery.


3. Acid Levels are Not Uniform

You can discern if it’s time for battery replacement by simply having a good look at the float indicators. The float indicators are at the top of the batteries. In a well-functioning battery, acid levels across all the indicators should be the same.

Following that, open the float indicators and check the acid colors; they should be colorless. If you see black or brown color, it may be a sign that the battery has corroded and needs a replacement.

4. Battery Voltage is Less Than 10

To check battery voltage, make sure the battery is not in use & it is fully charged. In other words, check the battery voltage when there is no load. Ideally, the voltage should be 11 or 12v. If you find it less than 10, it may be a sign that your battery is no longer healthy.


5. Other Signs That May Indicate Battery Replacement

You can easily reach a conclusion just by simply looking at the battery to see if you need a new one. If you find any of these signs, know that you may need a new battery.

– Battery terminal is broken.

– There is an excessive bulge in the outer layer of the battery.

– Plastic on the surface is ruptured.

– Excessive battery leak.

– Any recent instances of short circuits. If you didn’t notice any, check for instances of burning or melting on the surface.

While performing battery checks, please follow all safety precautions. Disconnect the battery from the inverter, and the inverter from the power socket before proceeding. Feel free to call your service expert if you are not able to check for a battery failure.

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