Best Remote Workforce Trends That Will Define A Productive 2024

Work has dramatically changed over the last two years. With more of the workforce choosing to work remotely, we may see even more changes in how employment is approached. Here are a few trends that we’re watching while we use a Zoom background with company logo.

Focusing on Work-Life Balance

Decades ago, it was almost frowned upon to take vacations and time off. Organizations are starting to realize that employees tend to be more productive when they aren’t stressed and burnout. This is leading to more businesses offering more wellness perks and benefits. Managers are starting to check in with their team to see how each person is doing. More companies are offering gym memberships, healthy meal options and flexibility.

Asynchronous Communication


Before the pandemic, many teams expected quick response times, through email or other messaging channels. Today, organizations are realizing that not everyone is in the same time zone. When creating a meeting time or asking for feedback, people are realizing that not everyone can respond quickly. There are many new platforms that allow teams to operate differently, which gives everyone a chance to be involved in decision-making and scheduling.

Emphasizing Diversity In Recruitment

Remote work has opened the door to finding new talent. Diversity and inclusion are becoming more important in the workplace, and we’re seeing new ways to reach out to diverse populations for hiring. IN addition, we’re seeing more inclusion in the workplace. It’s not enough just to hire a diverse team. Companies need to make sure that each team member is given a voice and opportunities.

More Cybersecurity Awareness


Privacy is a big concern in many companies. While a Microsoft teams background can help make team member’s homes more private, the real problem is making sure the company’s IP isn’t vulnerable. Enhanced security for remote workers is on trend to prevent cyber attacks on the company. This starts with training employees on how watch for suspicious activity and phishing scams.

Creating a Positive and Collaborative Culture

Company culture can attract the best talent. More companies are making sure that their workplace values their employees. Remote workers can often feel left out of company events and activities. Remote workers can even have problems connecting with others on the team, because they aren’t seeing and interacting with the others each day. It’s important to find the technology and to create opportunities to let the team have a positive culture.

Prioritizing Communication


As remote workers become the norm, it’s important to encourage team members to communicate positively. It might be hard to find that balance between micromanaging and a laissez-faire attitude so that team members feel supported. Have standards around email communication and your messaging channels. Give everyone the tools to communicate effectively, regardless of their location. Create Zoom background with company logo to give everyone a level playing field in a meeting. Find ways to communicate updates and company news without overwhelming the team.

Getting Feedback

Find out what’s working and what isn’t for your remote teams to find solutions. This can help set the tone a positive experience where everyone does their part.

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