Let’s Start Playing and Leveling up in Final Fantasy 14

FF14 is Square Enix’s complete answer to the famous World of Warcraft from Blizzard, which has essentially become a monopoly on the MMO RPG market, significantly outperforming its competitors in terms of popularity and bringing the single-player part of Final Fantasy online for the development of the universe.

You have to choose the format of the game – paid or free – the difference is significant and is expressed, including the potential possibility of obtaining the maximum level, which can reach the threshold of 60 for the free version and 90 for the paid subscription.

You can level up through quests, side missions, special missions and events, raids and FATEs, or order the ff14 boost SkyCoach.

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Game classes in Final Fantasy 14


To start your journey and progress in FF 14, you need to decide on your main character – no one bothers you, and the game even pushes you to try out as many game classes as possible until you find the optimal hero who will become your main character.


Dragoon is a melee class that uses a spear for combat and is famous for its high mobility and good AoE potential.


A logical transition from the rogue class to the ninja class, which is a combo class with high damage and mobility and stealth capabilities and a good strength indicator.

Black magician

A strong representative of the mage class, which is controlled by all types of elements to deal huge damage with single attacks and mass skills.

The Dark Knight


A defender class with the potential for strong attacks with a large two-handed sword.


The most themed knight and tank that only happens in online games. A warrior of light that has improved damage against undead and many skills to heal and help allies in all types of fights and farming.


An attack class that can act as a defender through the use of an ax and various skills to control the target.

White mage

A special class that combines the role of a healer and assistant to a combat group and a unit capable of inflicting good magic damage on different types of targets.



A defensive magician and group defender, he is able to impose various positive effects on his allies and maintain the combat potential of the whole group.


One of the support classes, which appeared later than the other classes, strengthens allies with various magic and helps the combat group with strong potential in auxiliary buffs.


You can choose one of the following ways to level up in Final Fantasy to get closer to level 60 for the free game and 90 for the paid subscription.


Quests are the basis of leveling in many online games, and in Final Fantasy 14 they made a whole story out of this from short videos and an augmented story of all parts of the single-player part of the project, with a gradual introduction of some of the popular heroes from the FF chronicles.

According to the assurances of the developers, it will take the players at least 100 hours of real time to complete the main company, which means a lot of experience, interesting gameplay and many interesting mechanics that you will be taught through the story mission system.

Secondary quests

These are optional quests that are needed for additional experience and earning gils, but which do not affect the overall progress in any way if they are skipped. If the story quests teach and advance the character on the basics of FF 14, then the secondary quests must be completed in a mixture with the main ones to enhance the pumping effect, otherwise it is a waste of time for the sake of a meager increase.

Temporary Assignments

These are special tasks that can appear spontaneously in the world of End Fantasy 14 and have a limited period of validity to complete and require certain actions from the players, often associated with the main gameplay.

As with secondary quests, you need to keep track of the main location to complete the task and the conditions for obtaining them, otherwise they also do not carry much value for leveling, because they simply do not bring more than the overall storyline.


FATE is a temporary and spontaneous event in which the monsters attack the world of Final Fantasy and everyone can join the defense by attacking the monsters.

Due to the high competition and the mechanics of the game itself, it is important to kill yourself, or at least inflict minimal damage on the monster, in order to gain at least some experience, otherwise you simply will not get even the minimum increase.

If you have an AoE character, or a class that can quickly get close to the target and deliver accelerated attacks, then there will be no problems, in other cases it is better to just give priority to other methods of pumping.


Dungeons can rightly be called one of the most interesting activities in Final Fantasy 14 and other MMO projects, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Fight against difficult bosses that surpass all mobs in strength and lethality, but are guaranteed to lose valuable items when they die.
  • The need for communication in order to win.
  • The opportunity to get valuable trophies, most of which cannot be obtained in any other way.
  • Earning gils and gaining experience.

You have to unite in a battle group and go to the dungeon that suits your level in order to earn good equipment, experience and gils.

Each dungeon consists of three types of bosses, each of which has its own set of skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses and do everything to defeat the players who dare to challenge them.

It is important to monitor the behavior of the head of the dungeon, respond in a timely manner to his attacks and destroy his retinue, adapt to behavior patterns and learn mechanics right along the way so as not to be defeated at the most unexpected moment.

All raids are similar to each other in everything, except for the rewards and the mechanics of the behavior of the bosses themselves, which are essentially unique.

To enter, you will need a minimum equipment strength at least in part of the set, but despite such conditions and inconveniences, you will receive much more valuable equipment in case of victory and will be a much stronger character than you were before the trip.

The distribution of loot is random among all players, but with regular campaigns, you can always strengthen and upgrade your hero to Final Fantasy 14.

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