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Want to Become a YouTuber? Here are 3 Video Editor Tools for Windows in 2024

If you are one of those who wants to be a popular YouTuber, then you definitely need two things along with video making. One is a good internet connection and the second is a video editor to create interesting and artistic videos.

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However, for video editing tools, finding the best one might not be easy. The major reason behind that is the abundance of options available in the market for video editing tools. Hundreds of companies have designed programs that claim to offer ease for beginners and quality for professionals. Yet, they don’t do what they claim and usually result in a waste of time and money.

So, in this article, we will talk about three video editor tools compatible with windows to sharpen your skills and save your time. By using the below-listed video editors, you can create amazing videos to amuse your viewers and become popular.

You also need to look at the pricing to ensure that you are getting the best deals from the available options. In this regard, offers affordable pricing options that are flexible depending on your needs and requirements. The software offers a ton of functionalities and features that cover everything from color corrections to adding title texts.

1. CyberLink Power Director

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Powered with most professional tools but still very easy to use, CyberLink Power Director is one of the most compatible video editors to run on windows in 2024. It is also among the biggest names in the industry that is relied upon by both beginners and professionals.

This amazing video editor comes with several handy features that can take your video editing game to the next level. One of the best features of this editor is, it identifies issues itself such as shakiness and lightening to develop the best videos. CyberLink also supports content made in 4k, so you do not need a different editor if you want to edit 4k video content.

You can download this super-amazing video editor online for both free or paid versions. In the beginning, a free version would be enough for you to edit your videos as there are plenty of features you can use for free offered by the CyberLink Power Director.

However, if you still want to get used to all features, you can pay the subscription charges and get access to all the premium features as well. CyberLink has a plan named Power Director 365 that offers cost-effectiveness, new music, transitions, powerful features, and customer support. So as a beginner, you can opt for this option.

2. Lightworks

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Second, on the list is Lightworks. The best free software for video editing you will ever use on windows. It is super easy to install and set up. Though its free version is also enough to edit all kinds of videos with amazing transitions, music, and text. Like CyberLink Power Director, it also provides a paid version as well.

It is super easy to use but in case you still need any help, it has several tutorials to assist you during difficulties. Moreover, if you need shots for practice or to improve your raw videos, the editor offers plenty of high-quality, licensed stock videos to create flawless content.

One of the amazing features Lightworks offers is real-time team project sharing with full control so each team member enjoys full access to create the best content. It has fast export functionality that makes it a perfect choice to export your videos to YouTube directly.

Lightworks is speed optimized which means you can continue editing your video while importing new data. This video editor can help you to become a YouTuber by offering easy-to-use, quick and professional tools as mentioned above.

3. Video Pad

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Video Pad is the best choice if you want to create great-looking videos without spending a penny. The bonus on that, it is also compatible with windows. This video editor comes as a complete package and offers 3D video editing along with regular videos. As a result, you do not need separate software to edit your 3D videos.

It offers a bundle of sound effects that you can use in your videos to keep your viewer interested in your content. That is particularly useful for such videos that don’t have any sound or animated videos that completely rely on sound effects. In addition to that, Video Pad helps the editor to try different compositions and styles to explore his video interest. You can also try different texts, colors, overlays, transitions, and special effects with Video Pad.

Video Pad has a double built-in screen that makes editing very easy and quick. It also has a video stabilization tool, making your videos more stable for a viewer to watch. Moreover, You can cut clips and save these clips as news ones for further usage. You can also watch your transferred clips in Storybook mode and adjust them according to your need. Audio editing is also very easy in Video Pad.

The only drawback you will suffer from Video Pad is that it does not offer much to a professional video editor. However, for a YouTube beginner, it has a lot to offer including exporting videos directly to YouTube.

Choose the best video editing software for you

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With each coming day, videos are getting more in numbers and there is a tough competition out there. Beat the algorithm of YouTube by creating professional and high-quality videos to get maximum ROI. With all the three options given above, you can produce a mind-blowing piece of content that will increase your number of views within few days and you can be a famous YouTuber

All three options have their advantages and disadvantages, but hopefully with information, now you know which one will work best for you. If you are still not able to make a decision, do the following. Make a list of the top options in the industry, write down your requirement, and choose the one that fulfills your purpose. If you are worried about using any of them, remember that only practice and patience will help you become better at video editing. But once you will learn it, your efforts would be returned with better rewards.

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