Top 3 Free Mac DVD Ripper Software

DVD rippers are designed to rip or backup the content of DVDs and save such content digitally for hassle-free streaming in your home. As a user of the Mac computer with ever-increasing interest to use the DVD ripping tool, you can explore the Mac DVD Ripper collection online right now.

You must know about the free and most suggested DVD ripper for Mac one after another. There are so many open-source tools designed specifically for ripping DVDs at no cost. You can concentrate on everything about the well-known brands of DVD rippers and make positive changes in your approach to pick and use the right DVD ripping program.

The Free DVD Ripper for Mac

The premium DVD rippers available online are more reliable and people increase their interest to buy one of these tools. However, many people wish to use the free and open-source DVD rippers.

You can read honest reviews of the DVD rippers for the Mac computer right now. According to, the paid rippers are able to rip copy-protected DVDs while most of the free DVD rippers will encounter problems when dealing with commercial discs.

Anyway, since people prefer freeware, here are the best 3 options:

1. Handbrake

Source: Linux Hint

HandBrake is an open-source software designed to rip DVDs and convert any video to any format. You can focus on the overall specifications of this tool and get an overview of how to properly use it based on your requirements.

HandBrake is not only a DVD ripper available at no cost. This video transcoder makes its users happy and encourages them to suggest it to others. There is no option in this tool to bypass the copy protection unless you use it together with a third-party codex.

Apart from being unable to rip the commercial disc, there is no other drawback. Users of this tool manually tailor every ripping session when they choose especially with a number of presets. For more information, visit

2. MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition

Source: Softpedia

MacX DVD Ripper is a media tool and designed to rip or extract audio or video from the homemade or commercial DVDs, DVD folder, or ISO images irrespective of the damaged or unplayable DVD.

You can research the basics and benefits of this application soon after you have planned for successfully using the right tool for DVD ripping. You will get different benefits from a proper use of this tool and be sure to suggest this application to others.

The safe and easy installation of this application encourages everyone to immediately choose and use it towards the realization of their wishes about the video conversion. This tool is available with so many interface languages.

All users of this application worldwide feel comfortable using it in their own language. They rip videos from the DVD discs, DVD ISO files, and DVD Folder. They get loads of advantageous things from efficient use of this system and feel happy to recommend it to others. This tool auto-detects the DVD discs and prepares them for ripping as efficiently as possible.

3. MakeMKV

Source: The Cheap Software

MakeMKV is designed to make the ripping of DVDs as well as Blu-ray easy and efficient. This DVD ripper tool for the Mac OS X is thoughtfully designed and supporting its users to back up the content in a fast and straightforward way.

The main attractions of this tool are simple to use, completely free and rip encrypted discs. You can pay attention to different aspects of this tool and take note of guidelines to decide on how to properly use it as per your requirements. You will get absolute guidance from an unbiased review of this tool and be encouraged to use it based on your interests and requirements.

Regular improvements in the overall features of this frill-free DVD ripper catch the attention of every user and encourage them to recommend it to others. This software is free to use and recommended for every user of the Mac computer.

If you understand and make certain that streaming is a good way to watch movies and TV shows. You will get awesome benefits from the proper use of this tool and be encouraged to use it based on your requirements. An easy way to back up content from DVDs and Blu-ray discs is an important reason behind the increased popularity of this tool.

Source: Top Ten Reviews

The Free Ripper Vs Paid DVD Ripper

Compared to the paid tools, the free dvd ripping tools are not the most reliable program as there are some limitations. The following are some of the drawbacks you can found on most of the free dvd rippers:

  • It unable to rip the commercial disc or DVDs with copy-protections
  • The ripping speed is slower compare to the paid alternatives
  • The output quality may drop as the software unable to keep the original video quality
  • The converted output file formats are limited such as only can support MP4, MKV, etc.
  • Some free rippers may be unstable and contain ads or required you to install an extra program
  • The customer supports may not as good as the paid software because of lack of funds and the software may not update frequently.

So, if you are serious or you have many DVDs to rip or backup, you should get more reliable software like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum or Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro. The premium software usually lets you freely download the software and test it. Once you are satisfied with their functionalities, you can buy the software and they usually come with 30-day money refund guarantee.

Source: iAnyShare


Some users of the Mac computer still prefer to use the free DVD ripping applications to help them rip the DVDs. This is completely understandable and especially if you just need to rip a few DVDs.

However, if you have a large number of discs to rip or backup (especially commercial discs), it’s recommended to use the paid DVD ripper. Usually, the paid tools come with more functionalities, faster ripping speed, good output quality, and better customer support.

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