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Best VR Headset Under Rs. 5000 In India 2024

When you are looking to buy a VR headset, the first thing that you need to check is the comfortability of the product you are buying. It needs to fit well. Then, the performance is really important, the quality of the lenses, resolution, latency, etc. After that, the compatibility is a must – you need to check whether or not a certain model fits your device.

Today, we are going to help you find a VR headset that is just right for you, while also being priced under 5000 Rs. These are the best of the best that the market has to offer.

1. Procus VR PRO1 Headset (Rs. 2,199)


Procus VR Pro 1 is our first pick of the day. The design is really smooth looking as it comes only in black color. It’s suitable for entertainment, which is always the most important thing with this kind of device.

It comes with a biconvex lens, glass type is monocle and it has a curved mirror-based display. The price is really nice – it’s mostly in the low 3000s, sometimes up to 3500 Rs. You need to be careful when buying Procus VR Pro 1 as it’s only compatible with Android OS. All of you iPhone users – watch out.

2. DMG VR Shinecon Dream 45MM Lens Adjustable Headset (Rs. 1,999)

(Best option)


DMG VR Shinecon Dream 45MM Lens Adjustable Headset is a much better choice than the previous model just based on the fact that you can connect it with Android, Windows or iPhone devices.

It’s the best for gaming and video-watching. The bass that this device has is going to make your experience that more enjoyable. You can chill with these VR headsets for long periods of time without stressing out your eyes, which is really important. When it comes to the size of the phone that you can connect to your VR headset, it must be larger than 4.7 inches and smaller than 6 inches.

3. Irusu Minivr VR headset with remote and 42mm HD lenses (Rs. 1,999)

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There are even VR Headsets that come with a free remote. One of those is Irusu Monster VR headset. The free remote can be utilized with many things that you can find in the manual, which is a great thing since the manual explains how everything works.

Curved ergonomic design with a quite stylish front bezel is something really nice about this model. They are attempting to match the design with the performance – that is what Irusu Monster VR headset is all about. We are going to warn you that the remote is not going to work on the newest IOS 11 version.

4. iNera VR 3D BOX Virtual Reality (Rs. 529)


The final product that we are going to talk about is iNera VR 3D Box Virtual Reality. The best thing about this product is that it is by far the cheapest one on the list. We needed to include one of these that are under 1000 Rs for all of you that have a limited budget.

This model offers you a beautiful 3D picture and a great experience while watching moves and playing games. It comes with a flexible and adjustable headband that is going to make you comfortable.

5. Creator VR BOX Virtual Reality 3D Glasses (Rs. 245)


Comfort is always one of the most important things when using VR headsets because you are often going to spend quite a lot of time at once wearing these. All kinds of smartphones are compatible with this product, it just has to be larger than 4.7 inches and smaller than 6 inches.

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