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7 Best Video Doorbells in India 2024

Whether you are always at home or traveling often or simply living far from your work, it’s likely that whenever you leave home, you are concerned about the safety of your property. Fortunately, there are some gadgets that can make your life easier and fix all the problems.

We think of excellent devices called video doorbells and that can help you keep eye at the door at any time and in that way, you have evidence into who’s coming when you are not at home. Or for example you can avoid annoying situations when salesmen come to you and persuading you to buy their products. With a classic peephole, you probably won’t always be able to avoid this situation or check who’s in front of your door. On the other hand, with the help of video doorbells, you will always know if you need to open the door or simply don’t want to talk with anyone. In order to help you choose the right devices for enhanced security of your home, we decided to present to you what are the top 7 video doorbells currently available on the market in India. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Active Pixel Wi-Fi Smart Wireless Video Doorbell (Rs. 6 499)

(Best option)

Source: Amazon

As you can see from the title, Active Pixel is a smart device that has a wireless unlocking and locking option. With the help of a 1.0MP camera with an infra-red feature, you will be able to see even at night whether anyone is around your house. With an 8 GB of storage, you can save audio and video content recorded by the camera.

In addition, another very interesting feature of Active Pixel video doorbell is motion detection. If the camera detects any movement, a smartphone will notify you, so you will always be familiar with the happenings in your yard regardless of where you are.

2. AViS Wireless Doorbell with Camera (Rs. 10 300)

Source: Amazon

Another excellent device comes from AViS company. It also supports wireless connectivity and is definitely compatible with your smartphone regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. By real-time video and audio communications with your smartphone, you will be able to unlock the door wirelessly wherever you are. Like the previous device on our list, this doorbell has an infra-red night vision and we must say its rain-proof.

As the most interesting function of AViS wireless doorbell, we highlighted the possibility of connecting with several smartphones simultaneously as well as with multiple doorbells.

3. Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Rs. 13 691)

Source: Mercado Libre

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a device that allows you to wirelessly control the door as well as to communicate with the person in front of your door whether you are at home or not. You don’t have to worry if the doorbell will be compatible with your devices, as there is an application available for Android, iOS, Windows 10 or Mac operating systems.

As for additional features, you won’t have to worry about weather conditions because Ring Video Doorbell 2 is resistant to all. Interesting is the Cloud Video Recording feature, as well as a camera with motion sensors and infrared night vision. We must say that this one also has a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Panasonic VL-SW251BX Video Door Phone (Rs. 19 190)

Source: Snapdeal

The Panasonic VL-SW251BX is a video door phone that allows you to connect up to four wireless monitors at the same time and also has an electric lock release support. As for the camera, it has 0.3MP and can capture up to 50 events or 400 images. It also has a night vision feature. The voice changer is available to users, as well.

5. Godrej Solus ST 7 VDP Video Door Phone (Rs. 12 995)

Source: Justdial

Godrej Solus ST 7 VDP is a doorbell that allows you to connect your smartphone or your TV so you know who is in front of your door at any time. For storing video content, you have the option of expanding memory up to 32GB with SD card, while in internal flash memory you can save up to 100 pictures and video clips. Of course, there is a night vision feature as well as resistance to water and dust. There are even 16 door chime melodies that the user sets.

6. CP PLUS ‘7 “Color Video Door Phones (Rs. 6 079)

Source: Indiamart

Unlike all the above-mentioned devices, CP PLUS ‘7 “Color Video Door Phone doesn’t include night vision feature. However, you can still capture fairly clear images in low light situations. There is possibility of connecting an additional CCTV camera. We must note that this one has a 7” color TFT LCD display.

7. Smart Wi-Fi HD 720P Video Doorbell (Rs. 6 200)

Source: Pezcame

Smart Wi-Fi HD 720P is a device that, as you can see, allows you to record video content in 720P resolution. Also, there is support for memory expansion with TF card up to 128 GB. This video doorbell is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. You can control it using the ‘Smart Home Cloud’ application. Also, there is door locking control. This unit has a night vision feature and is water resistant.

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