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8 Surprising Celeb Bitcoiners

Bitcoin became popular world-wide and almost every person on this planet at least heard about the new payment option. Besides that, the number of people that started to use cryptocurrency drastically started to grow. Bitcoin is one of the most popular without any doubt.

In the beginning, everything looked unserious. Some people invested their money in BTC without any intention to become rich. Fortunately for them, the value of the Bitcoin started to grow and they became millionaires. Many people in the world wanted to achieve the same results. However, things are a bit tougher today because of the stronger competition. That’s why education is necessary before making the first steps here. We suggest you visit immediatebitcoin and gain more pieces of information that could help you understand how this world functions.

Anyway, achieving success in the crypto industry is definitely possible. Many celebrities invested some part of their money in this young “invention”. Besides that, some anonymous entrepreneurs became rich and popular because of this currency. Because of that, we want to share their stories with you. They will motivate you to educate yourself more about BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

1. Winklevoss Twins

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Tyler and Cameron, or more precisely, Winklevoss Twins are in the Bitcoin world since 2013. They were not world-wide famous before this like some other BTC millionaires. But they achieved to be the first Bitcoin billionaires in the world. However, they were rich even before they became BTC geeks. In 2013, they invested 11 million dollars in this popular cryptocurrency.

The interesting fact about these two guys is that they were involved in the Olympic Games in 2008. They were competing in the men’s pair rowing event. Besides that, they had a bad relationship with Mark Zuckerberg. They still consider that he stool their idea of ConnectU to create Facebook. However, that didn’t stop them. They are now owners of Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. They offer help through pieces of advice and services to individuals that want to make money through BTC.

2. Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher is popular in almost all parts of the world. His popularity especially started to grow after “Two and a Half Man”. Still, who would say that this amazing actor is also a BTC investor? He also invested in Spotify, Airbnb, Uber, etc. while they were still startups.

Logically, this actor and investor didn’t stop there. He also invested in the Bitcoin platform that offers payment processing services to entrepreneurs under the name BitPay.

3. Roger Ver

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Have you ever heard about “Bitcoin Jesus”? Well, his name is actually Roger Ver and he is one of the first people who invested in cryptocurrency. That’s the reason why he serves as the executive chairman of

Believe it or not, this guy has spent 10 months in jail because he invested his money in the wrong places. He moved to Japan after this “accident” and his net worth is now around $520 million. The biggest part of that fortune he got because of the BTC.

4. Nas

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Many people like Nas and his song, but he is not just a basic hip-hop artist. This amazing guy is also a BTC investor. He made one of the biggest investments in Bitcoin together with his manager. They both invested around 25 million dollars in Coinbase, one of the leading US crypto exchanges. He still claims that Bitcoin is the future.

5. Barry Silbert

Source: everipedia

If you are interested in the world of entrepreneurship, then you probably heard about Barry before BTC became popular. He was the former owner of the Second Market. However, he sold his business in 2015 and invested that money in the new startup under the name Digital Currency Group.

His investment is inspiring if you ask us. In 2014, he bought 48 thousand Bitcoins when the value of 1 coin was $350. More precisely, he invested around 17 million dollars. This investment paid off in the end because he earned 269 million dollars because of that. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?

6. Brock Pierce

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If you are an older person, then you probably know who this guy is. First of all, he appeared in commercials as a toddler. Besides that, he had a major role in “The Mighty Ducks” movie which was his biggest success. However, he retired when he was 17 and he wanted to show his entrepreneurial spirit.

Have you heard about Digital Entertainment Network? Well, Brock Pierce was the co-founder of this company. After he failed to achieve success, he started a new business under the name Blockchain Capital. Because of that, his net worth is around 1 billion dollars.

7. Mel B

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It would be unfair not to mention female Bitcoin investors. However, it is surprising when you find out that Mel B is one of them (at least it was amazing to us). The former Spice Girl started to invest in BTC in 2014. First of all, she allowed users to buy her Christmas single with Bitcoins. Until then, she was the first musician that did something like that. Her goal was to give support to modern technology. After some time, she started to collaborate with CloudHashing, a cryptocurrency company that is located in London.

So, we would like to ask our female readers one thing. Why shouldn’t you be Mel B? Maybe you don’t have singing talent but try out your investing skills. That might bring you a fortune.

8. Tim Draper

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Tim Draper was previously famous as one of the Skype investors. However, his story is surprising as well. In 2004, he went to South Korea. There he met a guy who bought a virtual sword to his son. Still, something that was amazing to Tim is that he bought it with real money. When he heard this story, he realized that Bitcoin is worth risking. After this story, he invested 250 thousand dollars to buy BTC. The value of 1 coin at that moment was only $6.

However, it seems that he made a quick step because he didn’t make some huge success then. However, he didn’t stop there. He bought 30 thousand Bitcoins once again and this investment paid off. Now, his net worth is somewhere between 350 and 500 million dollars.

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