4 Useful Online Tools for Students Who Struggle with Writing

Writing is one of the most valued and valuable skills that is essential for academic success of students. But it’s not just about school. Great writing, analysis, critical thinking and research skills can help you in almost every aspect of your life. More importantly, they provide a plethora of opportunities for all the important life situations, such as job interviews, project management, getting a promotion or just simple communication with clients. Since it is such a highly desired skill, there are numerous platforms where you can find “take my online quiz for me” that have recognized the need for some extra help in the field.

What do people usually struggle with?

Writing essays is nothing but easy. In fact, if you ask students, they would describe essay-writing as something ‘extremely hard’. But why is it like that? It doesn’t only require to be concentrated and focused, it also requires constant practice and a bit of confidence too. To make things even worse, focus and concentration are not the same as they are when you attend a class, for example. It’s because you need to reach almost the highest point of your productivity, and have a laser-sharp focus if you want to create a significant piece of writing, especially when you check your sentences and look for errors and try to find the best version of what you want to say – but for that Sentencechekup can be the cure. Not only is it hard to focus at all, but sometimes it’s hard to find the ideas you should focus on, or to maintain focus after a couple of hours and a lot of stress.

The other things that make writing so hard are the need for dedication and the need for practice. You just have to sit down and make mistakes. However, in order to get better, you have to commit to getting better. And that’s what diligence in writing is all about. It’s not enough to just sit down and get over with that essay, but it’s a process that consists of trying and thinking and writing and erasing. It should become a daily practice, just like any other exercise, if you want to improve the skill and get results in the end. But something that requires so much persistence may seem overwhelming for some. And it does, in most cases.

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Also, if you are not confident about your writing, you may experience a creative block that might make the writing journey even harder for you.

What can be done about it?

Now that you are familiar with all the possible reasons why writing could be hard for you, let’s get to the possible solutions.

We live in an era of modern technology and we’re lucky to get introduced with innovative solutions every day. Since so many people struggle with writing, creative minds and tech savvy people decided to create some useful tools for students and everyone who needs someone by their side, when they are left alone with a laptop or a piece of paper.

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1. Pomodoro App

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Let’s begin with a bit of focus. People tend to lose focus when they face something challenging. It’s a mix of feeling insecure and stressed out about the task that seems too hard to handle. All of this often leads to procrastination. And the moment students start to procrastinate, they are already halfway through the process of failing. That is why the best way to get things done is by breaking down the scary task into small chunks and doing one by one. One of the cool apps you can use for this is the famous Pomodoro app, where you can block yourself from all the distractions on your phone and work effectively for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes of work, you get a 5 minute break and this way your brain learns to work harder in those small amounts of time, while taking a rest only when you hear the timer. Pretty cool isn’t it?

2. Grammarly

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This is an app that can help you a lot by correcting your essay, refining your writing by finding common mistakes, and your writing readability, as well as the overall style of your writing. It also helps with punctuation, grammar, and quotation. It offers synonyms and even allows you to construct complex sentence structures, paying attention to the tone of your copy – whether academic, formal or informal. It works like your own virtual assistant, and it’s a great tool for proofreading, spelling and other important aspects of your writing that you have to pay close attention to. While the app works great, it is still not a human. If you’re looking for quality proofreading assistance, CustomEssayMeister will do the job perfectly. In addition, you can order your essay to be written from scratch. The app is also great for students for one more reason – it has a plagiarism check so you will easily get all the information about your essay before someone else sees it.

3. WiseEssays

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However, if you really struggle with your writing or if you don’t have enough time to dedicate, there is a solution for that too. This is a writing platform where you can get your essay written by some of the professional writers that are highly skilled in academic writing. The essay you can get is originally written for you and after you get it, you become the owner and you are free to use it under your name. This is a great solution if you’re lacking time, but you need to meet the deadlines. Although it’s not the best option for developing your own writing skills, it is a convenient tool to make your life easier.

4. Answer the Public

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This is an incredibly useful tool for everyone that lacks ideas. On this website, you can find ideas, topics, generate headlines and indulge in the insights of the most searched subjects on Google. It’s hard to generate a good headline because it’s what attracts the most attention and helps with writing the thesis statement, as well as the structure of your essay. ‘Answer the public’ can help you find ideas, phrases and questions that may help you if you are experiencing the ‘writing crisis’. Great content is what everyone wants. It’s the same for students. School essays don’t necessarily have to be boring. With an interesting tool like this, you can see what people’s recent searches are, and you can better understand the topic you need to write about. Sounds like everything an essay writer needs!

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