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How to Build an Algorithm

When it comes to tech companies, it seems like everyone has some sort of algorithm. Google has an algorithm for its search results pages, YouTube has an algorithm that recommends videos to a person based on their viewing history, and social media companies use algorithms to suggest friends and topics …

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How to Troubleshoot Electronic Issues

Everything is digital these days, and even the simplest consumer-grade devices will typically have at least one electronic component. While many devices have been designed to be replaced and often have a correspondingly short service life, there are plenty of electronic devices that can be repaired. In fact, in many …

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How to Convert Bitcoin into Cash

Theoretically, bitcoin is going to be one of the most utilized methods of transaction one day. Fiat currencies such as the dollar, euro, yen are going to be overlooked and BTC will presumably a replacement for them. The reason behind the idea of the replacement popped up in the heads …

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