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How To Choose The Best Laptop For Streaming Movies – 2024 Guide

Are you planning to buy the best laptop for streaming movies and shows? If yes, we have prepared this article to tell you about those things that can help you. Nowadays, there are laptops designed for watching movies. But, sometimes, people get confused about how to find a perfect one. This confusion arises due to a lack of knowledge.

Every device comes with different features. Therefore, you should always pick one according to your preferences and requirements. In today’s world, the demand for laptops is increasing day by day. The main reason behind it is that everyone wants it to complete their day-to-day tasks like office work, assignments, shopping, and more. Along with these daily tasks, one can also use them for entertainment purposes. Whenever you feel like watching a movie, all you have to do is stream it online on the PC.

Many platforms and websites provide online streaming of films. However, as there are various options to choose from, you can be a little confused. Moreover, some websites are full of ads that might hamper your watching. If you are looking for a reliable one, you can visit

You might be curious to know how to identify the perfect laptop for yourself. Read along as we discuss all the necessary details regarding the same. Let’s get started with it.

What are the things to consider while selecting a laptop for streaming films online?

When it comes to selecting a PC, you have to look for these things:

1. Display:

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The display is the first thing that you should consider. Indeed, everyone wants to watch a movie on an HD display screen. The experience would not be fantastic. Also, the size of the screen matters a lot. Make sure to choose one that has a widescreen and a 4K Ultra HD panel.

2. Lightweight:

The device should be lightweight. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take it while you are traveling and entertain yourself. So, you should always search for a thin and lightweight one.
GPU: Do you know how essential a graphics processing unit is? If a laptop has an excellent GPU, you won’t face any issues with picture quality. In addition, a good GPU will ensure a smooth experience of streaming films.

3. Suitable Battery:

A long-lasting battery is necessary to enjoy long hours of watching. Don’t forget to consider it when selecting the same.

4. RAM:

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You need 4GB of RAM to avoid lagging issues while watching a movie. However, you can also buy one that has a greater RAM.

5. Storage:

Storage is another essential thing to consider if you are purchasing it for entertainment purposes. Some applications for streaming shows and films might consume a lot of space. So, make sure it has storage between 1GB to 8GB.

What are the best laptops for watching films online?

Here, we have prepared a list of suitable laptops from which you can select a computer.

1. Apple MacBook Pro:

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It is one of the most popular laptops in the world. Apple products are known for their smooth running and fast performance. You won’t face any issues regarding speed. It is not only good for doing various tasks but also best for entertainment purposes.


  • It has a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-9750H processor.
  • The RAM is 16GB.
  • Its storage is 512GB SSD.
  • In addition, you will get a 16-inch FHD IPS Retina display.
  • Its battery can last up to 11 hours.


  • The processor is great for speed.
  • The 16-inch Retina Display ensures better picture quality.
  • It is integrated with AMD Pro 5300M graphics.
  • Powerful speakers improve your watching experience.
  • Its Battery is long-lasting.


  • SD card slots are not available.
  • There is no Wi-Fi 6.

2. Dell XPS 15:

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Dell XPS 15 is famous for its sleek and unique design. If you want a laptop to impress others, it is a perfect choice for you. The screen display is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, youIn addition, it will not be able to find a computer with the highest resolution at this price.


  • It provides 16GB of RAM to the users.
  • The display is 15.6 inches wide.
  • The battery can last up to 8 hours of working.
  • It offers 256GB SSD storage.


  • It has a unique and attractive design.
  • You will love the picture quality because of the graphics.
  • The speakers are excellent.
  • It is suitable for typing as it has a well-spaced keyboard.


  • Its battery is not long-lasting.

3. Acer Predator Helios 300:

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This laptop provides excellent sound quality to the users. You will not regret choosing this one for streaming online movies. It is also considered the best gaming laptop.


  • It runs on a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7-850H processor.
  • RAM is 16GB.
  • You will get a 256GB SSD of storage. So, you can store big files without any problems.
  • Its display is 15.6-inch wide.
  • The battery can last up to 7 hours.


  • The processor is powerful to improve your watching and gaming experience.
  • Graphics card provides high picture quality.
  • There are many USB ports available for you.


  • It is not lightweight. So, you might face issues while traveling.
  • Its display is not as impressive as it seems to be.

4. Lenovo Legion Y70:

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No laptop can compete with Lenovo Legion Y70 in terms of display. It doesn’t matter if you are watching films online or offline. Its performance would not disappoint you.


  • Lenovo Legion Y70 has a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor.
  • In addition, it provides 16GB of RAM.
  • The screen display is 17.4-inch wide.
  • You can work on it continuously for up to 6 hours.


  • It has a big widescreen perfect for entertainment.
  • The capacity of RAM is pretty impressive.
  • A good processor is responsible for its high speed.


  • Battery life is not good.
  • It is heavy.

The Bottom Line

From the above information, we can say that buying a laptop designed for streaming movies might be challenging. However, if you research the popular ones, you can easily make a decision. We hope this article helped you in understanding the ways to identify them.

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