How to Get More Votes on Facebook Polls and Win

These days, whenever I open up Facebook, I noticed that a lot of companies on the social media website are giving out free stuff. This is mostly done for marketing, but it is great for us fans, customers, and consumers. We have the chance of winning a product at no cost. But, those chances of winning are very slim. The more people that are trying to win the poll or enter the giveaway, the more difficult it is for you to be the person that wins. But, there may be a way to get more votes.

There are multiple ways you can get additional votes for any kind of poll on Facebook. However, none of them are easy or cheap. You will need to invest some time and dedication if you truly want to win this contest.

It is very important to keep in mind that there are thousands of people trying to win on that exact same poll. There are also people who use those “secrets” to get more votes.

So, what exactly can you do to win at a voting poll? Well, if you want an answer to that question, I suggest that you read through the article entirely.

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How do Facebook polls work?

Before we can start talking about how you can acquire more votes, I think it is important to understand exactly how the system works. Once you get a good understanding of the system, you may have higher chances of winning.

There is not a lot to talk about this whole system on the social media website because it works quite simply. A certain FB page, group, or company announces the giveaway, poses some questions, and opens up a poll.  On it, there can be thousands and thousands of entries, but only one of them will win. The one with the most votes will always win.

However, getting to that first place is not easy. You have to convince other people to vote for you, for your entry. But, you cannot convince everyone. But, there may be some things you could do to beat the system.

Use the help of your friends

The most simple and obvious solution to this problem is to just ask all of your friends and close family members to choose your entry on the poll. The more people you can gather, the higher your chances will be.

So, once you start talking to all of your close friends and family members, I think that you should also try contacting all of your online buddies. But, I would not bother everyone individually. Instead, you can just post on your profile and everyone will see it. I am sure that you have enough online friends that will be more than willing to help you when this contest.

After asking for help on your profile wall, you can go back to the contest and see just how much people are going to help you.

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Buy votes

Sometimes, the competition in such contests can be too strong. Or maybe you are late to the party. They can be hundreds of different reasons why you are not winning.

If you get too far away from the first, second, or third place, winning becomes even more difficult. I think many would say that it is impossible. This happens because your entry is pushed lower and lower on the list, making you invisible to most people.

To prevent that from happening, you may have to take more advanced and useful measures. Of course, I am talking about buying votes.

Although, before you buy them, make sure that you find a company that offers a fast delivery system. If the delivery is too slow, the competition can end in your money will go to waste as suggested by

You should also be looking for services that provide 24/7 support. Because if something does go wrong, you will want to have support immediately. Establishing communication as soon as possible is essential in those moments.

Keep in mind, I recommend to not overdo it with the bought votes. If your opponent is running away from you with just 100 or 200 points, there is no need to go with 1000 points extra. Overdoing it may seem suspicious and you will just waste your money.

Find a vote exchange group

If you are not willing to spend $10 or $20 to buy your path to first place in the competition, you could try and find a vote exchange group on Facebook. Yes, those do exist and they can help you with your exact problem.

First, you will need to apply for the group and wait to be verified. Once you are verified, you can ask the people in that group to help you with your situation. On these Facebook groups, I am sure that several of those members will be ready to help you.

But, you will have to remember one thing. If you expect them to help you, you will need to return that same kind of help in the future. Otherwise, you might get kicked from the group and you will not have that help in future competitions.

So, next time that someone asks for poll voting help, make sure that you are there to assist them.


Create your own page

If you are unable to find such a Facebook page, you could freely create one by yourself. Here, you can invite all of your friends and close family members and tell them how all of this works. If enough people start to share it, you will start to build a community where everyone can help each other in these types of competitions.

Here, you will be able to set your own rules and regulate the members that come or leave.

As you can see, it is not impossible to force additional votes on Facebook pulls to win a contest. There are probably several other ways you can boost your poll entry to the first place or to increases your chances of winning.

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