What Kind of Computer Do You Need for Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading is also a profession that requires a good computer to work with, like many other professions. But many people do not consider that they need a good laptop or computer for trading also. So, they end up having problems with their work.

When you are trading cryptocurrency, you need to analyze the market and study graphs to make every small investment. That is the reason a trader also requires a good computer.

It is challenging to choose the laptop or computer setup for trading. In this article, we have tried to make your purchase easy by listing out the characteristics of the computer that you need for trading. This is a simple effort to make your work easy. If you are new to trading, click here to make a bitcoin trading account.

Features of a computer that is good for trading:

 Size and resolution of the screen:


A full-time crypto trader has to look into the screen the whole day. It’s not easy because you have to look at the small numbers and characters on the graph and large sheets. These will definitely bring eye problems. So the laptop or computer you choose should do minimum damage to your eyes.

The screen size should be 15″ minimum, but having a 17″ screen is better. Along with that, a computer with high resolution is essential. You can buy a laptop with a 4K resolution for the best experience. 1080p resolution computers will also work well.

If you have decided to use 4K resolution, then do use desktop scaling also. It will make everything clearly visible and readable. Otherwise, everything will be so small to look at that even though you have the best resolution, you will not experience it ideally.

Another simple solution is the multiple monitor setup where you can open different tabs on different monitors and look at everything simultaneously.

The operating system of the computer:

The traders who work all day should go with the computer with an operating system that is reliable and has very high capacity hardware and software. These kinds of operating systems make the laptop or computer quick and easy to use.

The operating system Apple mac os X is a good choice if you own a Mac laptop. Otherwise, the Windows operating system is also one of the best-operating systems. With these two operating systems, you can easily do hardcore trading. They perform the best while installing new software or multitasking.



As a trader, you have to multitask while working. Your laptop or computer should be able to handle this kind of work. They should work with high speed when plenty of tabs are left open, and many of the apps are running. Having this kind of speed and processing power is very important because things move very quickly in trading, and you should not lose any chance because of the system.

CPU, GPU, and RAM of the computer:

A Graphics processing unit is required if and only if you are playing a game. For trading, the integrated graphics card in your computer is enough. Also, you do not need a high-end CPU, but it should not be less than core i3. The RAM decides the speed of the computer. 4GB RAM is enough for a trader, but you can go for 8GB if you want excellent performance.

In trading, a massive amount of data will be continuously flowing into your computer. This data is crucial while investing and trading. Your computer processor should be able to handle the massive amount of data that flows into the computer. Otherwise, you may experience slippage.

Another issue is that when you use the computer all day, it gets heated and may start to function roughly. That’s why a perfect cooling system for the computer is also necessary. There are mainly two types of cooling units; they are fan units and water cooling units. It would be best if you choose according to your convenience.

The battery capacity of the computer:


A trader knows the value of a computer with good battery life. Because they have to keep the laptop with them wherever they go, and charging facilities will not be available everywhere.

A laptop with excellent battery life is a savior. Many laptops provide a battery life of 20 hours after charging completely. Laptops with two days battery life are also available but rare.

A battery with a high charging capacity is a must. There are also batteries in the market that get entirely charged in minutes. Go for quick charging batteries if possible. For an average trader, laptops with a battery life of 5-6 hours are enough.

Hard disk:

There are mainly two types of Hard disks. One is an HDD, and the other is an SSD. You can work with HDD for trading, but SSD will give better performance compared to HDD. SSDs are more powerful than hard disks and work faster. But SSDs are expensive, while HDD is available at lower prices.



A motherboard connects every other part of the CPU together. It acts as the assistant for all the different parts to connect and communicate. So a good motherboard is necessary for your setup to work smoothly.

ATX and Micro ATX are the two types of motherboards. ATX is a full-sized motherboard, and micro ATX is relatively more minor. It would be best if you went for the laptop for a trading computer, which has an ATX motherboard obviously because it is full-sized. Micro ATX does not cool under heavy load because the heat sinks in them are very small. They do not provide space for future expansion either. Many companies use micro ATX to make some extra money but do not fall for that while buying your trading computer.


Never overpay for any computer; you buy it either for trading or not; it does not matter. And when you are purchasing a computer for trading, make sure that you have all the features mentioned above on your computer and start trading!

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