10 Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Mat For Your Business 

Planning an entire business setup might be easier than finding the right mat for your business setting. There are many do’s and don’ts that can alter your decision for selecting the perfect match. To help you in this process, here are 10 tips for choosing the right commercial mat for your business.

1. Know the types

To choose the right mats for your business setting, you must first understand what types of mats are available in the market. Apart from the regular scrapers and wipers, that keep away dust and moisture, there are other mats used for specific purposes.

If your business includes people who require standing for a major part of work then you can choose the anti-fatigue mats which will provide leg cushioning. There are also grease-resistant mats and wet area floor mats to be placed in appropriate places. One can always use these to place in washrooms or the kitchens.

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2. Know your expectations

Make sure that you know what you expect from the mat. For this, assess the amount of footfall you receive. You can find a mat according to the footfall. There are a variety of mats that can be bought to suit your needs. However, for that, you need to be ready with your analysis and expectations before you start looking for the right mat.

Visit the website for effective floor solutions and find all the mats to meet your expectations.

3. Calculate the quantity

Before you go choosing the right mat ,make sure that you know exactly how many mats you require and what kind of places they are going to be placed in.

Preventing accidents and slips on the floors is a must but that doesn’t mean you cover the entire floor with mats. Placing a lot of mats can increase the chances of fall-offs. Thus, make sure that the number of mats that you choose doesn’t go overboard with what is required.

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4. Door size = Mat size

Look out for the size of doors in your business setting. If the average width of the door is 36 inches then make sure that the mat is at least 36 inches as well. Never get a mat that is smaller than the average door size as its positioning and usage becomes difficult. This is why circular-shaped mats are not recommended. Even if you plan to have a circular-shaped mat, make sure that the diameter fits the door width.

5. Entrance is all about basics

People will often get confused about what kind of mats to buy for entrances. The answer is all the basic types. Setting up a perfect entrance means putting all three types together. Scrapers, wiper/scrapers, and wipers, when put in at the same entrance can help in avoiding dust, soil, and moisture on the floor.

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6. Rule of 15s

There is this ‘Rule of 15’ in the mat world. According to this, the pattern of scrapers, wipers/scrapers, and wipers must be installed at every entrance. Each of the types should be installed for 5 inches.

Following this pattern, one gets the basic business entrance that allows your floors to be free from unwanted dirt.

7. The heavier, the better

While comparing a mat with the other make sure to pick the heavier one. The lighter ones might be easy to transport or easy to wash and change, but they cause certain problems after they are placed on the floor. With a lot of footfall, a litter mat would leave its place and move away from the door resulting in more dirt on your floors.

On the contrary, when you have a heavier mat, it would stay put and is usually high performance. Heavier mats will have great absorbency and can remain flat for a long time.

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8. Soft or gripped?

Don’t worry, the grip of the mat will not cause any damage to the floor. Feel free to choose the most gripped mat as it will help in keeping the mat in place for a long time. The mats often tend to curl from the edges or start having damaged edges. Choosing the right grip for mats will help you prevent this and will give you a comparatively durable mat.

If you have a smooth floor surface then gripped mat is your priority. However, if your floor itself is rough or has an uneven finish, then you can go for lesser gripped mats as well.

9. Quality over budget

You would always have a budget in mind while selecting any number of mats. However, make sure that you look for quality only. The cost must be a secondary factor. If you do otherwise, you might fit everything in your budget but the quality would be low. Not to mention the low durability which in turn is going to force you into new mat purchases.

So better yet, you focus on quality in the first place. If you are looking for mats for industrial purposes you can also find different kinds of mats to fit under your equipment.

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10. Style it up

It’s not necessary to always purchase the classic mats available in the markets. Get yourself a customized mat. This will put up a great impression on anyone entering your business setting. One can also use the edges to print their logos. Such mats are preferred by various organizations to be used as entry mats.

Apart from that, make sure you choose the proper combination of mats for all your doors and entrances. Remember to place high gripped mats in cafeterias or near water fountains, basically wherever there are high slipping chances.

Final words

All of these tips will help you in making the right choice for your business setting. Choosing the right kind of mats will not just keep the dirt and dust away from entering your offices but also prevent the causes of accidents or slip-offs.

Following these tips and making the right decision will ensure you a great quality of mats along with durable results. It’s a guaranteed long-term investment for the safety of your business settings and employees.

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