Comparison of Affordable Cloud Servers – Heficed Cloud Server Vs GoDaddy

Cloud Servers are getting much essential in a rapidly changing world. Moreover, in this supremacy of data era, storing & analyzing manually seems old and inefficient. Therefore, this digital age has come up with the greatest practical implementation of data management as cloud servers. And we will try to compare the two most top of the talk & affordable cloud servers Heficed Cloud Server & GoDaddy. Stick with us until the end to know the well-researched comparison & expert advice.

Heficed Cloud Server- Most Flexible A Category Cloud Server


Heficed Cloud Server isn’t out there for that long but has come in the top 10 due to its flexibility in practical use. Also, its costing model is also affordable compared to its competitors. Accessibility in its cloud is also easy & comes in handy for the long term. Let’s know about its features, pros & cons.


Storage: Heficed Cloud Server uses most of the up-to-date hardware in their data centers. Also, they use efficient programs to transfer their data throughout the storage & in fetching those. This provides an additional advantage. Moreover, it also gives its users an advantage in moving their entire system into their storage.

Flexibility: It provides the most flexibility when you want to switch your cloud servers. As in the initial stage, you might want to spend less on cloud setup. Also, you might need less to manage your data as you are starting as small to mid-enterprise. Therefore, having easy movability gives it an extra edge.

Affordability: As it falls under lower first-class cloud servers & the brand, value is less than others. Therefore, they tend to have the edge in providing you competitive pricing with all the major benefits.

User Experiences & Tools: Comparatively to other A-class cloud storages, Heficed has fewer tools due to its less investment & workforce. Security is also a concern if we compare this to other top-level companies. Therefore, Heficed would be good for low to mid-scale companies.

Location: Heficed is a US-based company. So, most of the data centers are in the USA. Where if any country breaks any agreement with the USA, then they might lose few access to their data. It’s a major setback. So, it’ll be wise to pick Heficed if your government has good relations with the USA.

Source: Heficed


  •   It has the most flexibility in term of moving its data
  •   Affordable rates make it easy to get into the cloud platform
  •   High-speed storage & efficient program make work seamless


  •   Provides location wise different security

GoDaddy- Best Cloud Server of the Sub-Continent


GoDaddy is an India-based startup that has seen great success over no time. Its affordable rates, comparing modules, and concern about client’s needs made them popular in the industry.


Storage & Location: GoDaddy’s reputation lies beneath their well-optimized storage system as well as the accessibility. Initially, they started with establishing data centers just in India. But they’ve grown rapidly and moved those to the far east & west in Singapore, and the USA & used the utmost hardware available.

Flexibility: GoDaddy provides various services altogether. So, they want to keep their users in their ecosystem. Therefore, the moving flexibility is relatively low here. However, they have established a way to remove that barrier by providing flexibility bit by bit but not completely.

Affordability: As they target the subcontinent, so their target users belong to one of the lowest income areas. So, surely they give affordable rates for most of the areas. However, if you want to purchase their combo plans, then you can surely get the most affordable rates.

User Experiences: As we mentioned, their main goal is to utilize the user experience of the subcontinent, and they tend to know less about IT. So, their user interface is user-friendly. Moreover, they are bringing new features every quarter to make their experience side better known.

Tools: GoDaddy lacks professional tools. As category a cloud server, they should have had the necessary tools for analytics, 3D modeling, etc. But they provide the basic versions of those in here.

Source: WIRED


  •   The beginner-friendly interface gives an edge to new users
  •   Affordability makes it easy to set the whole business arena in its storage
  •   Customers feedbacks & careful consideration making it well developed


  •   It has less flexibility in moving data
  •   Underdeveloped tools might get in the way for Big Corporations

Comparison between Heficed Cloud Server vs. GoDaddy

Source: The Sociable

Heficed & GoDaddy are both emerging cloud servers with less but considerable experience in their backpack. However, these two have differences in a few particular areas: what might be a deal taker or breaker.

If you are targeting to choose any cloud platform for supposed 2-3 years, after that you will go for some well-known or well-developed company. Then surely, we will suggest you purchase from Heficed. Because of its well-known flexibility, it becomes more suitable in your case. However, these cases might shift based on other needs. Like, you need both relatively well-built tools, an affordable rate but less flexibility because you won’t be comfortable in moving around.

Then, go for GoDaddy because it has all the tools as well as they match the system requirements as well. But they are underdeveloped but can be used on different occasions. This kind of on-the-go tool gives us an edge in low to mid-range startups who are mostly focused on budget utilization.

In a nutshell, go for Heficed if you want to move your files to another server within 3-4 years. On the other hand, choose GoDaddy if you want to stay here longer as well as want to use a few tools.


As promised, we have provided the vast details of two major cloud servers- Heficed & GoDaddy. Also, we have compared all their features & provided a suggestion. As an individual or enterprise, it will help you to understand what might be needed for the future of your business’s journey, and it will make your business most cost-effective by choosing the right portion.

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