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12 Best Food Processor in India 2024

If you feel that mealtime demands too much preparation, or you are simply tired of all the chopping, why not let the technology help you? In many ways, a good food processor will make your life easier. Yes, you should do some investing, but, trust me, you will forget all about it once your prep jobs are done in a spin. Here are the best that you can here in India.

1. Bajaj Fab FX1000 Food Processor with Mixer Grinder (Rs. 7 300)

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Bajaj kitchen appliances don’t need much introduction. They are keeping the tradition of providing premium quality and excellent performance. You can’t go wrong with them.

The review of their food processor must stress two things: a 1000W motor and quality metal. Why? Because those will provide you some sharp and powerful tools for chopping, slicing, and cutting.

Additionally, this machine has several running modes with adjustable speeds, which will make your cooking experiments fun and easy.

The serving is all you’ll have to worry about!

2. Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000 W Food Processor (Rs. 7 977)

Source: Amazon

Another well-known brand in India is certainly the Morphy Richards. So, let’s cut to the chase straight away: their food processor is also powered by a strong motor, and it will allow you to do some fine prepping. Likewise, you can easily control just how much you need your ingredients to be processed – from lightly sliced to completely blend. Additionally, the special little thing about this machine is that it has a safety lock, so rest assured – your food will stay right where it should be. No accidents can happen with this one!

3. Bosch Lifestyle 800-Watt Food Processor (Rs. 6 798)

Source: Bosch Home Appliances

When talking about well-known brands, let’s not forget to mention Bosch. Since it’s known world-widely, we’ll simply introduce its food processor’s features. With the motor strength of 700 W and refined blends, you can expect some great results. This smart machine also has a smart storage unit where you can keep things until they are ready to be processed. Once you get to the processing part, the variety of blends will allow you to get the job done in no time!

4. Philips HL1660 700W Food Processor (Rs. 6 449)

Source: eBay

If you are a multi-tasker in the kitchen, Philips has just the thing for you!

Once you see the number of containers this food processor has, it will be sold. And all of them can be washed in a dishwasher. Handy, right?

Naturally, a 700 W motor and fine blends are understood.

5. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W Food Processor (Rs. 4 795)

Source: Amazon

If you owned a food processor before, you will decide to buy this one, I know. Why? Because its containers are break resistant. And there are a lot of them as well, so you can have fun while deciding which one be the perfect fit each time.

And all that at a very affordable price? What are you waiting for?

6. Philips HR7629/90 650 W Food Processor (Rs. 6 111)

(Best option)

Source: Goshop

If you want a branded product and are dealing with a limited budget, check this food processor from Philips. It comes in a black design, and surely will give your kitchen some elegant notes.

When talking about elegance, let’s not forget to mention how easy this machine can cut just about anything that crosses your mind. The additional handy thing about it is that it has a larger feeding tube, and you won’t believe how much time it can save you. Ideal for busy ladies!

7. Bajaj FX11 600 W Food Processor (Rs. 4 649)

Source: Amazon

Another food processor from Bajaj, this time including 1 liquidizing jar, 1 dry grind jar, 1 chutney jar, 1 processing bowl, and an egg whisker. Now, that is some choice, right?

And you simply can’t go wrong with 2 years of warranty from Bajaj.

8. Bajaj FX7 600 W Food Processor with Mixer Grinder (Rs. 5 093)

Source: Quora

Interlock mechanisms, led lighting, different jars, stainless steel, and a bunch of blending options – Bajaj again proved itself as a leader in kitchen appliances production. This time, the brand offers 5 years of warranty on the processor’s motor, along with the 2 on the entire machine. Some great deal, right?

9. Inalsa Craze Dx 700W Food Processor (Rs. 4 390)

Source: Snapdeal

If you are seeking the budget-friendly machine that can serve you properly while processing ingredients, Inalsa has a thing for you. It offers a processor powered by 700 Watts, which includes all the handy features and equipment you may need. The best part is that they all come with a guarantee that they won’t break. Some pretty good offer if you ask me.

10. Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 600-W Food Processor (Rs. 5 000)

Source: Flipkart

We’ve talked about Bajaj so much that it needs no further explication. Its MasterChef is precisely what is promised in its name – a multifunctional machine that will make your cooking a piece of cake. Just take a glance at the image provided, and everything will be crystal clear. Naturally, all the cool features of the Bajaj production are included in this line as well. MasterChef your kitchen now!

11. Morphy Richards Essential 600 W Food Processor (Rs. 4 750)

Source: Amazon

Another food processor that your wallet will love – for just 5000 rupees you can do just about anything with your ingredients. It offers different types of running modes, and promises to do your job in less than 30 minutes. And if you don’t feel like cooking, just use the centrifugal juicer, and help yourself with some healthy liquid meal. Nice.

12. Inalsa Fiesta 650 W Food Processor (Rs. 3 789)

Source: Inalsa

If your kitchen is somewhat smaller, consider using less the space-consuming processor as well. Inalsa has in store just the thing for you – a handy device that will just do all of the tricks. Blending, slicing, and peeling – all of the practical stuff which larger machines can do now come in practical packaging with modern design. Cute little thing for your cute little kitchen!

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