10 Reasons To Use Digital Signage Software For Your Workplace

As a business owner, you’ve probably seen a lot of your competitors implementing digital signage into their workplace. Perhaps you’ve wondered why, perhaps you haven’t – whatever the case may be, a lot of people feel like this should be on your list of investments. Sure, it’s not the cheapest investment out there, however, it serves many purposes and it’s proving to be quite worth the initial cost. If you’re thinking about adding this to your workspace, but you’re still uncertain whether you should, perhaps reading this article will help you see a bigger, clearer picture. We’ve created a list, which highlights the best uses of digital signage in the workplace, so, without further ado, let’s take a look at it.

1. Exposure

With strategically placed digital signs, you have, more or less, unlimited audience when compared to email lists for instance. You can easily show more messages, whenever and wherever you choose to. This exponentially lowers the chances of important messages being missed or ignored. The beauty of digital signage is – any display can be used as a digital sign. You are able to send and broadcast messages to any display, touch screen, video wall, phone or tablet – even all of them at once.

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2. Capture The Attention

The main advantage of this method is the fact that it visually stimulates us. The vast majority of people are visual learners and we’re mostly dependent on our eyes. There have been a lot of surveys and research that proves that most people pay significantly more attention to digital signage than any other form of communication. It’s just the way our brains are hard-wired. We tend to memorize things we see, far longer than those we hear or read. We process visual stimuli much faster than the written text. Seems like a great alternative to emails, right?

3. Improved Customer Experience

By making use of this technology, you can save both time and money. If customers can interact with digital signs, instead of employees, it can lead to major boosts in performance. For example, in retail or food industry, signage can be unfathomably useful. If people can place orders or even ‘kill’ time while waiting in line, it’s a win-win for everyone. Option to place order via digital displays can ‘encourage’ impulse purchases which will greatly benefit your sales.

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4. Increases Employee Motivation

There aren’t a lot of better things for a business form a motivated employee. A worker who’s happy to come to work and motivated to excel at any given moment is worth their weight in goal. Rewarding those employees should be the number one priority of every business owner or a manager. Sure, a salary bonus or a raise is a great motivator, but money can only achieve so much. By highlighting success and recognizing an individual or team achievements throughout the whole company will make those employees feel appreciated and respected. Those guys tend to stick around and excel for a very long time.

5. Inter-connectivity

Being able to directly communicate with each and every member of the company at any point in time is integral for business growth. There are some amazing digital signage software that can help you achieve that and you can read more about them if you’d like. In general, what you accomplish here is the instant exchange of information, without having to call for a meeting or exchange emails and wait for that email to be read.

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6. Branding

There have been many studies on the subject of branding and how digital signage plays into it and most of them come to a conclusion that by utilizing this technology your brand awareness increases almost 50%. You can accomplish this by branding and maintaining the same, cohesive look through every media output you have. Match your displays with your website, social media, keep a uniformed look and watch your brand grow.

7. Accurate Targeting

Good software can be especially useful when it comes to marketing. From a centralized system, you can control one or several screens simultaneously. That will allow you to tailor your marketing strategy to different demographics and audiences depending on the day of the week, time of the day or any other factor. By utilizing this in a good way, you should be more than able to improve your marketing strategy and boost your sales or brand awareness as we’ve already mentioned.

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8. Versatility And Scalability

It may be hard to view digital signage as more than just a communications medium, but it is, in fact, much more than that. A system like this can virtually show all kinds of different content – all managed from a single source. Everything is instantly updated, it serves multiple purposes and if there’s ever a need for an upgrade or an expansion – it’s remarkably easy to do so. Regardless of the number of controlled mediums, you’re still in control and everything is still functioning as it should.

9. Cutting Costs

Simply by replacing print communications with displays and other forms of digital signs, you’re cutting expenses. Naturally, the start-up investment is greater, but in the long run, saving on paper, waste, ink, printer maintenance and more will certainly add up. This also means less time spent on dealing with paper and everything that comes with it, meaning your employees will have more time to focus on doing other things. On top of that, you’ll be helping the environment by cutting down on your paper needs.

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10. Lightning Up The Mood

Finally, we have one of the probably most underutilized aspects of digital signage and that is fun. It doesn’t always have to be about business in the workplace. Switching things up from time to time can be beneficial for morale in the office. A few jokes, funny videos or memes can light up the room and make everyone feel better about where they are. If the employees are happy, the company is happy.

As you can see, possibilities are virtually endless. in whichever way you choose to utilize this technology, you can be almost certain that it’ll have a positive effect on the workplace. It sure seems to us it can’t hurt to try.

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