What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a machine or software that uses a list of telephone numbers to dial them, waiting for the recipient to answer, so it can connect them with an agent. This is different from an automatic dialer. It uses algorithms to decrease the waiting time between the dialed and answered calls, so they can avoid answering when no agent is available at the moment. For example, when one number is dialed, the dialer delays other dials, so if someone answers, it connects the line to the first free agent. It is also used to dial the next number when the previous conversation is near the end, so the agent can answer immediately, without having to wait long.

By using an effective predicting dialer, the agent can have 50-55 productive minutes in every hour, which is great. Compared to the standard one-call-at-a-time dialers, it can have almost 40 minutes’ efficiency, because it takes up to 10 seconds to answer and 80-90 seconds to finish the conversation. These diapers are used in call centers and sales agents need to call the potential clients to offer them something. The dialer is using the existing data of call length, to statistically predict when to dial the next number, so the recipient won’t wait too long until the agent answers.

These predictive dialers can be standalone machines that are programmed to do the job, cloud-based devices, and appropriate software that is installed to the call center devices. Today, the most popular type is cloud-based dialer because they don’t require too much hardware, meaning that contact centers save a lot of space using this type. They can also work on different modes, following the company’s needs and dialing frequency.

How predictive dialers work?

These dialers work following a statistical algorithm known as Call Progress Detection (CPD). This algorithm follows the dialing and conversation patterns, and can almost exactly predict when is the right time to dial the next number on the list, so the connection can be established between the agent and potential customer.

They are also used to increase the efficiency of both the agents and customers, so they can provide a better user experience. Predictive dialers are often used in call and contact centers, telemarketing and direct marketing companies, and the software is integrated into a computer-based telephone device that automatically dials the next phone number in the list.

Source: SIClytics Cloud Calling

How do they work compared to manual dialing?

According to vcc.live, an agent will spend at least 30 seconds to manually dial a phone number and then wait until the customer answers, which may take 10-15 seconds, and talk a few minutes to make the offer or present the product. Sometimes no one will answer and the agent needs to dial the next number, losing too much time on that. Predictive dialers will decrease the waiting time, using the algorithm to predict when to dial the next number.

A lot of companies and professions can see the benefits of using a predictive dialer in their working process. For example, customer services can help more customers to solve their problems, increasing the number of satisfied users. In sales teams, this type of dialer will help the agents to reach more potential buyers in one workday. Call centers can efficiently check the numbers from their phone list and don’t even try to reach them by a call or SMS.

Also, the agents will be busy the whole day, making them more productive, without too many chances for procrastination. These machines or software also keep all the logs of the activity, making the next dialing process easier and more optimized. Also, companies can use these logs to make researches and statistics that will be useful for future jobs.

This dialer will automatically throw away the canceled numbers, no-answers, busy numbers, and voicemails, so no one will lose time to wait. That is why the companies that use them are highly efficient in their call centers and telemarketing departments.

The agent needs to upload the contact list to the cloud memory, wait for the configuration to end and press start so the dialer can make the needed calls until the list is finished. A good dialer will increase the active talking with the customers and will save the agent from abandoned calls and long wait-time between the calls.

Source: Intrum

What is the difference between an auto dialer and predictive one?

Automatic dialers can call one number at a time and play a voice message to the customer until the agent takes the call. They are very widely used because they are simple and easy to learn how to use. For example, in a call center, when some agent is free, the software dials the next number and connects the agent with the customer.

The way a predictive dialer works is more complex than automatic dialing. As we already explained, it uses an algorithm based on a statistical data prediction, that measures the length of the average conversation and answering time, so it can dial the next number. In this way, every agent always has a next customer, without having to wait until the number is dialed and someone answers. They can answer a lot of phone calls until they decide to take a lunch break. At the end of the day, the second case will result in more successful calls and sales compared to the auto-dialing option.

Of course, every company needs to determine the expected outcome, so they can know what type to choose for their call center. They also need to have realistic expectations. If the number of potential customers is pretty big, they can use more advanced machines that are more expensive, but that will result in a great profit after a short period. But, if the company has a smaller number of clients and customers, they don’t need to invest in expensive calling equipment. Also, if you are a business owner, you should consider that your customer center employees have enough time to learn how the system works, so they can use it without having any problems with the dialer.

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