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Best Free Alternative to BlueStacks for Arknights

Arknights is a free to play strategy tower defense game with over one million downloads. The game has you play and control over one hundred different operators trying to combat the spread of a deadly infection with agents from a pharmaceutical empire. The game pits you in a free for …

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Google Pixel 4 Vs. Google Pixel 4A – A Comparative Review

October 2019 saw the launch of Google Pixel 4. Meanwhile, the Pixel 4A is an upcoming Google smartphone. The latter is said to have passed the FCC certification and may not be ready for launch. But it has been getting quite the hype. Let us take a journey through the …

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Modern Technology Used to Make Ancient Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a status symbol, a way to show to the people your wealth. Individuals who wore jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious stones were immediately looked at differently because not many people could afford to wear such valuable pieces. Later on, it became a way that …

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5 Super Helpful PCB Designing Tips for Beginners

Every college electronic project starts with the PCB design. It’s the heart and soul of the project and thus, requires perfection. So, here are a few super helpful tips for beginners to help you create a perfect PCB design. 1. Start with the Schematic The electronic schematic is the first …

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