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Is Ethereum worth buying in 2022

To invest means to think about your future. The future lies in investment, it allows us to have a secure future and not worry. It is especially important to do it at the right time and on time because when the investment is delayed, the results will not be the …

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Top 11 Features of Speech Analytics That Enable Business Success

Speech analytics is fast becoming a household name among top companies globally. So, if your company is yet to implement conversational analytics, you might be a few steps backwards in customer communication. The concept behind speech analytics is to use words and phrases from customer interaction to generate real-time and …

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Know All About Workflows And How To Automate Them – 2022 Guide

If you want more efficiency, consistency, and accurate results in your workflows that include repetitive tasks, you can opt for workflow automation. But not all tasks are feasible to automate. You need to know the criteria for your checkboxes ticking which would make a task fit to get automated. Businesses …

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