Why Should You Still Use Ethernet Cables?

Every internet user wishes for fast speed and a reliable internet connection, whether at home or work. With wireless connections like Wi-Fi being the mainstream form of connection, people seem to forget just how reliable ethernet connections are.

Wired connections guarantee faster networking data speed over longer distances as compared to Wi-Fi, especially in gaming and downloading. It is also a secure mode of data access compared to Wi-Fi since the internet connection does not exist in an open space. This makes it difficult for another user to intercept it.

Other advantages of using ethernet connections are that they are cheaper, readily available, and easy to install.

In this article, we explore the possibilities and potential of wired networks to highlight why and when they are most viable. We also look at its advantages and why it may be a better option than Wi-Fi. See more to read on as we look at these and more facts.

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Why You Should Use Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are used to connect various internet-ready devices to a network. Ethernet cables ensure easy data transfer for most devices such as printers, computers, and scanners. In doing so, they create a channel between the device and the internet source.

There are several types of ethernet cables such as patch cables, cross over cables, stranded cables, and solid cables. These cables vary in functionality, strength, and speed. There are also different cable categories depending on their use, with some being best for home networks and others for business.

Once connected to your local network, ethernet cables provide an efficient internet connection as opposed to wireless connections. All you need to do is plug the cable into your devices’ ethernet ports.

Wired connections are faster than a wi-fi connection over the same network. Wireless connections are prone to lagging and drops in internet bandwidth, meaning a slower internet speed.

You’ll find that on a couple of occasions, your device will start buffering, thereby interfering with your online activities. As such, most gamers prefer using ethernet cables to avoid these inconveniences.

Avid gamers find wired internet faster and more reliable; this way, they can play online without the worry of internet buffering. When playing multiplayer games, you need reliable internet; otherwise, your gaming experience and that of other players as well will be ruined.

Wired connections are also reliable for internet users who download large files since ethernet cables are much faster and can connect to many devices at once. This makes them an excellent option for use at work.

Not only are wired connections fast, but they are also easy to install and set up. Unlike Wi-Fi, wired connections are more secure and direct. This means they offer a very reliable and fast user experience.

Moreover, you can hardwire many devices at a go, including modems, laptops, desktops, consoles, smart TVs, and surveillance cameras. Also, if you have more devices than ports, you can use a network switch to extend your network.

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Advantages of Using Ethernet Cables

Most internet users find wired connections a viable alternative to Wi-Fi. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Easy to Install

Ethernet cables are plug and play technology. This makes them very easy to set up. most devices such as personal computers come with ethernet adapters. Hence, you do not need to have any sense of experience in network administration. All you have to do is insert the ethernet cable to its rightful port to effectively set up the wired connection.

It also helps that they come in various types and sizes. This gives users plenty of alternatives to choose from based on their needs.

They Are Readily Available

Ethernet cables are cheap and easy to acquire. They hardly get damaged or worn out but in case they do, there should be plenty of providers online and in your local area to help out.

They Provide for Faster Connections

Unknown to many, using ethernet technology will significantly increase your internet speed by up to 10 Gb/s with a Cat-6 cable. You can use ethernet cables to any devices at home or work and get fast, reliable internet speeds. This allows users to transfer massive chunks of data within a short time.

There’s also the assurance that there won’t be any breakdowns or buffering as is with wireless networks.

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Minimize Chances of Latency

Latency or signal interference usually occurs during data transfer between wireless devices. When you use an internet cable, you efficiently lower this latency. The option is preferred since wireless alternatives are susceptible to interferences such as environmental factors like blockage of waves by walls or floors.

Ethernet Cables Are More Secure

Even with a very secure network, malicious users can still infiltrate your network connection through your Wi-Fi. All they need is your password to access your connection. This makes it easy for unauthorized users to intercept your data, access personal files, and log into your sensitive accounts.

But with an ethernet connection, a user has to be physically present to access your connection with their devices.

They Are Energy Efficient

Experts find the use of wired connections to be more efficient than the wireless alternative. For instance, the use of a cat-6 ethernet cable is more energy-efficient than Wi-Fi. Therefore, a wired connection is eco-friendly, and you help to lower your energy bill.

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Ethernet Technology May Be Considered Outdated but Is Still Very Much Reliable

Wireless connections may be convenient for some users since one can get internet access from any location that’s with Wi-Fi signal coverage. However, Wi-Fi use has its disadvantages; it is prone to lagging and buffering. Also, barriers such as walls and other wave technologies can distort Wi-Fi signal or access.

A wired internet connection, however, is not prone to such. As much as some consider it an old-fashioned way to access the internet, this alternative is fast, easy to install, cheaper, and more eco-friendly.

Ethernet cables are a great option, especially for those who rely on reliable internet. You can use it to download heavy files, stream high quality video feeds, and for online gaming.

It is also more secure, so you can rest easy without worrying about other users hacking into your network. As the network administrator, you have the privilege of deciding who can use/access your internet.

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