How Flue Heat Exchanger Works

These days the electricity bills for your home can be pretty expensive and those same bills can be especially expensive if you have a factory that uses a lot of energy to achieve a certain goal or to get a product. While electricity bills are getting worse and worse for businesses, pollution taxes can also take big chunks out of a company’s budget. However, the solution to this kind of problem is alternative and renewable energy. There are a lot of different ways you can collect energy to reduce your electricity expenses, however, one of the most effective ways is to use a flue heat exchanger.

Before we explain to you about this certain type of heat exchanger, first you will need to understand what heat exchangers are, how they work, their uses and the different types.

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A device that has the ability to transfer the heat from one item to another to save up on energy is called a heat exchanger. There are two different types of the heat exchanger, one is a plate type which uses a stack of metal plates, usually with liquid inside of them to receive the heat. The plates are stacked side by side, connected and all of them contain that liquid, but the liquids never mix. The heat inside of the plates is transferred by the great Thermo conductive properties of the metal that is used (usually stainless steel). By constantly trading the heat from one plate to another, you will be able to savor it, so you do not have to constantly use energy for heat.

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Heat exchangers can sometimes be used to cool instead of trying to keep the heat contained. You probably have seen these used either on computer parts such as a GPU or a CPU where the heat of the processing unit has to be constantly released. Another common usage is in vehicles because the engine heats up and needs to be constantly cooled.

Now that you know the basics of how these devices work, we can tell you all about the uses of a flue gas heat exchanger.

Flue heat exchanger

A flue heat exchanger is basically a device that is able to re-use the energy from heat that goes through a flue. A flue is a type of a chimney that you can usually see rising from factories that can handle the exhaust of very hot gases. Most factories use them to throw away the excess flue gas from their boilers, furnaces or ovens. So, instead of throwing all of that potential energy into the atmosphere, we have found a solution to re-use that heat to our benefit. By placing a heat exchanger between the flue and the oven, boiler or whatever kind of heating system there is, the device will start collecting all the heat from the flue gases and revert it back to the heating system. By constantly doing this cycle you are saving up on energy and you are reducing the amount of pollution.

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