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How Flue Heat Exchanger Works

These days the electricity bills for your home can be pretty expensive and those same bills can be especially expensive if you have a factory that uses a lot of energy to achieve a certain goal or to get a product. While electricity bills are getting worse and worse for …

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Why Is Crypto Mining So Energy-intensive

Crypto critics frequently point to Bitcoin mining’s negative impact on the environment as a major source of concern, so why is mining so energy-intensive? And, first and foremost, what is Bitcoin mining? Simply stated, Bitcoin mining refers to the process of making new Bitcoins. But it’s more than that: Bitcoin …

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How Much Power Does A Bitcoin Mining Rig Use?

Bitcoin is a digital currency maintained by a global network of computers that strive to keep the Bitcoin blockchain, a public log of all transactions ever completed on the network, up to date. By lawfully documenting and confirming transactions, bitcoin miners compete for a reward which is 6.23 Bitcoins currently. …

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