Why Do You Need C++ for Your Mobile App Development

There is a lot of programming languages for mobile app development around. Such include objective-C, Java, Pascal, C#, among others. You also have the C++, a brainchild of Bjarne Strousp, who developed the program more than 30 years ago as a PHD Project. We will look at why you would want to consider it for your mobile app development in our article below.

What is C++ Programing?

C++ is an extension of the C language and is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. You will find both low and high-level features, and it has become very popular for system software, embedded firmware, Client-server applications, among others. You will also find it in all types of industries, including finances, Healthcare, defense, gaming, and communication. C++ is also an integral part of mobile app development. In case you have problems with  C++ programming homework then you can reach out to for help. You get an easy to use tool that allows you to design excellent apps for different mobile operating platforms, including iOS and Android.

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Why You Want To Consider C ++ For Your Mobile App Development

  • You Get Fast Cording

You will find many platforms using C ++ for the development of some of their apps. Such include office, Skype, Facebook moments, among others.  It is also very popular in gaming, Signal processing, and simulation. The user interface code is in the native code, which makes it faster than, for example, the JVM optimized byte-code that you will find in Java. You may actually find it hard to get anything faster than C++ when it comes to programming languages.

You also get the additional benefit of currency support, making it excellent for where you require low latency and high-performance.  You will, therefore, find that C++ as a critical role to play in different servers such as web, application, and database servers.

The other benefit is you get access to the C++ array that allows you to store typical data in various data containers.  It makes it simple for you to organize and track your data. For more information how to use an array visit

  • You Get Access to the Visual Studio

You will be able to build native code on Android, iOS, and windows with the tools you find in the Visual Studio. You get access to the SDKs and tools for cross-platform development. You will then use C++ to create code for different apps. You have the option of targeting Android to produce native applications; you, for example, have CLANG tool Chain when you are compiling for Android. You also get an Android emulator, Android development kits, oracle Java JDK, Apache Ant, among others.  It means you can use external tools without having to switch your platform.

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  • You Can Write Code for Multiple Platforms

Developing apps for the mobile platform can be frustrating if you are doing it on multiple platforms.  You find that you have to contend with different languages and tools.  The advantage is that all platforms support C++ code writing, and you can reuse call codes across the platforms. You do not have to worry about reverse engineering with the native code that is in the C++ language. You also save time when creating apps, when you have the option of code reuse.

  • Installation Process Is Easy

Installing Visual Studio is not a complicated process.  The Visual Studio installer will access the relevant third-party tools and SDKs that you would need.  Setup and configuration are as easy as following the automated prompts.

  • You Get a User-Friendly Tool

Using the Visual Studio templates is easy, and allows you to build cross-platform solutions quickly.  You can also create one common interface that will enable you to manage all your properties from one place.  You also have the benefit of features such as the first platform IntelliSense that will allow you to complete your code and highlight any errors during the process.

  • Memory Management

You can write your C++ to work without the use of a Garbage Collector.  While a Garbage Collector is fantastic for removing any unused objects in code, it does consume resources that you may not want to use at a particular time.  You end up losing control of the memory you can allocate to do different functions. You must, however, note that it is essential that you write fast code even when you are using C++; otherwise, you will not necessarily resolve the memory management aspect.

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  • You Know That It Works

You will find C++ already in use in Android apps. Google, for example, has the Android NDK, fplutil, And the C++ API that you will find in Google Play services.

Final Thoughts

With C++, You get a programming language that you can use on almost any platform.  It has many varied applications such as including gaming, language, library, and image processing. You also get access to android programming, cross-platform applications, native code, among others.   The installation process is straightforward and easy, and the user interface is very friendly. You also get a ton of material when you take the Microsoft studio course for mobile development.

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