How to Tell if Your Computer is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset which can be used in digital platforms. Cryptocurrency is also called virtual money which can be used instead of real cash for exchange purposes . The ownership and other details about the cryptocurrency is stored in digital platforms by using strong cryptography to record the details securely. You must have noticed some unusual disturbance while using your system because of the mining cryptocurrency. In this article you can learn about the various methods of secret mining cryptocurrency.

This mining process is dependent on the performance of that particular computer. Mining people should have a high IQ, and they must be able to solve complicated mathematical calculations to receive a coin and complete the job. Cryptocurrency is nothing but a mathematical puzzle solved by an expert. Click on the go url to know more about the process of mining and cryptocurrency.

This mining area must be highly safe, and it must be strong technically. In other words, it is said that the network connectivity and system speed must be high to solve this complicated mathematical equation on time. The whole process of mining is a bit complicated, and hence the miners prefer to work only in mining farms. This process is expensive because of the large amount of electricity usage and equipment-wise. These miners look for places where the electricity cost is extremely low.

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Why miners enslave your computers?

Miners are not single persons. They are a team of people who may work for some website under strong agreements with mutual benefits. The owners of these websites publish some content to increase the website traffic, and people nowadays are very smart, and we cannot make them click an advertisement, the admin team who is in charge of collecting the people’s data will collect all data and send it to the miners.

Hints to find out whether your computer is used for mining or not.

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  • Performance of your system may lag

The first sign is the performance, you must be using the system for a long time, and you must know the system speed and how long it takes to overload a document or application. Your system start-up may take a while, and programs that you use may take some time to load. If you do not use any high ram consuming games in your system, then the cryptocurrency must be the reason for the delay in performance.

You must be aware of the performance and should pay attention to it because these attacks cannot be detected easily. Having good antivirus software is good, but it cannot protect your system from this kind of legitimate scripts. These miners are experts who develop and solve complicated mathematical calculations, so antivirus software cannot protect your system from these types of attacks.

  • Your system may face overheating issue

Another way to detect mining is the overheating issue that you face while using your system. You may use the same application in your system, but your system will heat for no reason. If this happens, then you can suspect that your system might be used for mining. You can expect this to happen in computers that are used for business purposes or the system that is used for office use. Miners may take all the systems to collect data. So if you have a high performing system and if there is any overheating issue, then you can confirm that you are used for mining purposes.

  • Electricity bill may increase because of mining

As mining requires high electricity power with good equipments, then you can check your electricity bill. If you did not purchase any new household appliances and if your electricity bill is high for no reason, then you can suspect that you’ve been used for mining.

  • Visiting suspicious websites will give miners a chance to use you

By reading the heading, you may think that visiting adult content websites is the only way for miners to use you, but it’s not the truth. We have already seen how miners make you click the link by showing relevant images and data so the suspicious website can also be in a famous website where there are no traces of adult content.

In most cases, a third party unauthorized application is the reason for being mined. Another common way is the online streaming videos and movies that you watch on websites or downloading, and hearing online songs can also be a reason for being a victim of mining. It may also happen by clicking the activation codes or links that are sent by someone.

The applications that are used for mining purposes are really smart. They can work on their own. Even the device owners don’t notice the changes because they play some tricks like turning off themselves so that you may not notice the excessive use of the CPU. These applications will also block the work of antivirus software and will reinstall them even after deleting it.

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  • Recovering your system from Miners

You can completely uninstall and reinstall your system if you have noticed any of the above symptoms. The only way to protect your system from mining is doing a complete factory data reset and reinstalling again. After reinstalling, beware of malicious websites and never visit those websites to avoid unwanted problems. You should never click the advertisement present on the website because it is always harmful to your system.

Final words

Having a completely digitalized world is really good, but in some cases, we should take care of our privacy. Losing our own information to some miners is not a good deal, and we should never let them use it. It is always better to be precautionary than curing. You must be careful while using third party websites and should never click the ads that are visible while using the website. By following this, your computer can be free from mining cryptocurrency secretly.

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