Tips and Tricks to Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Store

Since customers across the globe are adopting online shopping sites, eCommerce is increasingly growing in relevancy and profitability. Entering into this developing industry can create a growth trajectory that will take any business in a promising direction.

Suppose you have a concept for an eCommerce or online shopping platform. In that case, you can take advantage of the suggestions and insights listed in this article to make a gorgeous, engaging, and successful store for your business.

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Create a Well-Designed UI

A well-designed user interface is essential for the success of your store.  The first image that your customers will view as they launch the page will shape your entire product’s impression. Early experiences are incredibly significant.

You should ensure that the home screen provides a tidy, organized, and relaxed user interface that can cater to the widest possible customer base’s preferences. Furthermore, you should ensure consistency in your app’s design to provide a seamless experience.

Create a Well-designed Shop

You can have the best possible product that you sell on great terms, however, if a good presentation is lacking, everything is doomed. This is already a known thing and one of the main reasons why online store owners choose a regular, uniform look of the store for themselves.

Unfortunately, this practice makes it impossible to distinguish one e-commerce site from another. The result is less sales that affect everyone.

Uniqueness is what sells. Avoid copy/paste. Create a store people will enjoy buying from, and the best possible way to ensure this is to incorporate everything you find useful and like when shopping online.

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Provide a Pleasant Shopping Experience

Experience is what makes a customer become loyal, regardless of what you’re selling. We are in the era when internet is flooded with online stores, selling whatever comes to your mind. How can you make sure your store stands from the crowd?

Another good way to gain customer loyalty if they have multiple vendors and an eProcurement system (a centralized system for them to purchases from multiple vendors seamlessly), the best way to integrate your product catalog with theirs is using a punchout catalog.

If you put a person dressed in white, in a group of people dressed in black, who’s gonna be noticed first? The answer is obvious, the one that obviously stands out. It is how the human mind is designed, to cling on the differences, things that stand out.  This is why it’s important to give your customers the experience others don’t. It needs to be similar to the one they get by visiting a real store.

Add Enough Information About Products

Add as much information about the products you sell as possible, that will help people decide on whether they are buying the right product or not. Plus, it’s what differs real-time stores and online ones.

Let’s say you’re selling smart TV’s. Having just one photo of it, with a sentence of description saying it’s 40-inch screen will not be enough to tell whether it is worth buying or not. What you need to provide or the little things, you yourself would consider when buying, such as the length of cable, the resolution, additional equipment that may come with it (adapters, other cables, etc.), and other things that would answer any potential question that may arise during shopping.

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Make the Store Accessible

Your store should be straightforward to search, explore, and browse for potential customers. If your store takes a long time to figure out, you’ve made a very unusable platform.

Functionality is critical because it recognizes the diverse preferences and capacities of a wide variety of users and offers a seamless and enjoyable interface for all. It’s better to keep things simple when building applications and developing an attractive user interface.

You must resist filling up the app with too many choices and establish a compromise between customization and usability requirements.

Engage Users with Relevant Products

For an eCommerce platform, the most crucial component besides the actual inventory is how shoppers engage with the platform’s items. The development of an accessible profile page management system is vital for this aspect.

Your eCommerce app should allow consumers the option to browse items, save them to their shopping list, transfer them to the cart, leave feedback, and more. You must ensure that your store has all the features users have come to expect.

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Ensure Consumer Trust

This element is the desired endpoint of the user’s consumption time when engaging with your software. At this stage, your emphasis should be on speed and protection. When the customer has decided and is prepared to check out, a list of widely recognized payment options should be given, and the process should be fast and straightforward. When your customer has made a purchase, you can make a good impression by sending a message of appreciation.

Share on Social Platforms

Another approach to building a meaningful relationship with customers is to facilitate the convergence between your store and social media sites widely visited by your users. This helps your users to engage their contacts and associates and to push more traffic to your platform.

You may also set up a recommendation and incentive system with coupon codes that give consumers spendable credits when a peer signs up for your store. Using incentive strategies like this, you can slowly create a user experience with your app and let new users explore your eCommerce business.

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Use Data to Make Business Decisions

Analyzing data and managing inventory accordingly is essential for an eCommerce store. An ideal way to get a clear grasp of how your users communicate with your app is to integrate user analytics features that control what sites your customers visit most, how often they remain on that page, and how frequently they return to that page.

You may use this data to provide the customers with customized product reviews when shopping, in their cart, or at check out to sell them related products.

If you don’t already have an app or website for your store, you can get a prepackaged one complete with a comprehensive list of features from

The app development platform offers a chance to create your eCommerce platform with a fully modified interface and branding. Simultaneously, the existing code is repurposed to ensure all the necessary features are present in your app. Good luck!

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