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12 Best 4K TVs in India 2024

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, there are continually new models of TVs and other products and we can buy some of the very best models for lower prices. For instance, the prices of large screen HD and UHD 4K TVs are also decreased. also, 4K TVs are also known as Ultra HD TVs and have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is much more than a full HD TV.

Now let’s take a look at 11 best 4k TVs in India we have made a list of pros and cons for each model so that you can easily make a decision and get yourself a quality new TV. Yet, we need to mention that 4K technology is applicable only for TVs that have a 43-inch widescreen or more.

1. Mi LED TV 4 PRO  55 Ultra HD Android TV (Rs. 47,999)

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Mi led TV 4 pro 55 ultra HD Android TV the model comes from China and its produced by Xiaomi company.

Mi Led TV 4 PRO is also known as the thinnest Android TV that exists on the market today.

It is a big pleasure to watch HQ programs and favourite movies on a slim screen that has only 4.9mm in its thinnest point.

The 4K + HDR with the combination of Dolby + DTS sound is one amazing experience.

With the 64 – bit quad-core processor together and 2GB RAM you are able to switch between various programmes as much as you want. While the 8 GB of internal storage allows you to multiple apps on your TV.

The TV has surprisingly good connectivity such as dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 x HDML, 2 x USB, and AV input ports.

Android OS is the essence of this model. It has a rich library with thousands of movies and similar features that can also found on Google Play, YouTube, etc.

The model consists of a Chromecast which offers you to transfer movies and other digital content from your Android or IOS devices into the mi TV.

With the Google Voice option, you can easily search through content on the TV. Plus you can also communicate with your TV via multifunctional remote controller and with your phone.

Moreover, what is surely great to have, is the Patchwall option. It enables you to access the latest content so that you can always be in trend. This is possible because of the daily update and refresh options Patchwall has.

2. Kevin 55 Inch 4K UHD – HDR-10 LED Smart TV KN55UHD (Rs. 31,999)


Kevin 55 is a high-quality model that has Ultra HD resolution and 55 – inches TV screen. It has a perfectly matched set of picture, contrast and clarity and it is a pleasure to watch something on this TV.

Also, maybe some of you have heard but most of the people don’t know that Kevin company exist for a long time on the market and Beston Skyvision Pvt Ltd manufactures it. They have to build a brand that is worth mentioning, although few knows it.

The model has an Android 7.0 Nougat software, which is an excellent choice for the TV. It has access to many apps, videos and other similar activities.

It comes with 1GB RAM capacity that should allow your browser to work faster. With the HDR10 technology, you can enjoy the wide range of colour palette, rich pixels and better contrast.

The 4K Ultra HDR allows you to have a marvellous picture quality that offers you amazing viewing experience and you can see it all clear from the brightest to the darkest without tiring your eyes.

Uni Lucent feature is another speciality that this model has. It goes along the WCG technology that offers you colourful and quality visual effects.

The connection is trustworthy and it includes built-in WiFi with 2x HDMI and USB ports and one VGA port where you can connect a PC.

3. Sanyo 43 inch 4K UHD IPS LED Smart Certified Android TV XT-43A081U (RS. 33,999)


A Japanese miracle that has a huge potential to conquer the world, Sanyo is a TV that you are going to love.

Sanyo TV is officially powered by Android OS, Oreo 8.0 and it is a Google Android TV. It means you can enjoy in all the benefits that Google provides, such as access to unlimited apps on the Android Play Store an much more.

Since it is Android TV it also has Voice Search option, in which case you don’t have to waste time in searching for a remote controller but rather you become one by your own voice.

TV Sanyo is fully equipped with various useful apps such as Chromecast which provides you to transfer smartphone content into the TV device.

Besides that, it has the IPS technology that together with HDR10 creates around 1.07 billion colour varieties in its perfect clarity.

HDMI sound feature allows you to experience the cinematic atmosphere, and last but not least, it has a great connection – 3 HDMI portals and 2 USB ports. About the wireless connection, it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.

With Sanyo TV you can watch any prefered content you want, anytime. Also, if you get bored with what you have at the moment, you can always download something new via the Android TV Play Store.

The company has more then 300 services across all India, so if you are in the mood for a new TV, you can easily find it.

4. LG 108 cm 43-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43UK6360PTE (Rs. 40,490)

Source: Vijay Sales

LG is the wide – known and acknowledged brand that has numerous original products in its offer. In this occasion, we talk about LG TV. It is immensely popular in India, and almost every household has one LG device minimum. People know how to appreciate good products.

One of the best TV devices is definitely LG Smart TV and its mainly because of its IPS 4K display. It is able to deliver over a billion shades of colour within its rich spectrum.

The TV has DTS Virtual X Sound with its rich sound system helps you to create a cinema-like experience in your own bedroom.

The 4K Active HDR became a standard for picture quality in this industry. Moreover, LG TV can be proud of its technology and achievement, since it delivers an excellent picture and lives colours.

Last, but not least in this category, is the fact that it has a Magic Remote feature, which means that you can control all devices connected with the TV with one remote controller. A smartphone can also act as a remote controller, and it is possible via the Screencasting feature. Also, it enables you to exchange contents between your phone and the TV.

The major virtue of this device is that it can handle multitasking operations. In other words, it means that you can watch TV and browse the Internet together. Plus, it has Netflix – recommended TV and it is something that everyone has and need, therefore, a big advantage regarding LG.

LG TV also has a Web OS, therefore, you can access LG Content Store with no difficulties.

Connectivity is great in this case and it has various options starting from WiFi and ThinQ technology, over an HDMI and USB ports for external connection up to gaming consoles, etc.

5. TCL 55 inches 4K UHD LED Smart Certified Android TV L55P2MUS (Rs. 39,999)

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TCL TV is good – reputation brand that offers new models with Android software and its certified by Google. But, what is special about this one, is that it comes in the original design that can easily match with the furniture you have in your living room.

TCL TVs major advantage is the Google certification. Basically, it allows you to use unlimited content, promotions, packages and apps from Google like Netflix, YouTube, Play Store, Game, Movies & TV, and many more.

What is also impressive is that the TCL TV has upgraded the Android M version, as well as the P2M series with Quad-core A53 1.5 Hz CPU. Plus it has dual-core Mali T860GPU with 2.5 GB DDR3 RAM and 16 GB storage.

The chromecast feature enables you to share content between your phone and TV device. Also, just like any Android TV, you can replace a remote control with your voice.

DTS Premium along with the Dolby Audio system gives you a high-quality sound experience so that you are going to think like you have real cinema inside your living room.

Screencasting offers great connection with the apps and games. You can access all of them and can share screen so that you can see the content from your smartphone on the big screen.

Wireless connectivity comes in forms of WiFi, Bluetooth. External connection is possible via 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports and 1 VGA port.

6. Panasonic 49 inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV TH-49FX650D (Rs. 53,999)

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We all know Panasonic, it is a famous brand and it has remarkable products. It has one of the best TVs in the world.

The Panasonic 4K UHD has IPS Super Bright Plus feature that delivers you perfect viewing experience, and the possibility to capture small details on the screen.

Unique as it is, it has Hexa Chroma Drive. It has 6 – colour reproduction system which provides a flow of natural-looking like colours.

A big plus for this model of Panasonic is that it has a 1500 Hz Backlight Motion Rate. Not only that this feature improves the image quality but it also makes the fast-moving image to look good.

If you want to have a cinema in your home, you need to get this one since it has the Cinema Surround feature that provides images in high-quality resolution.

Since you are going to be the owner of the TV, you can put that into his programme by customizing the UI. Since it has a user – friendly software, it enables you to have easy access to programs and apps.

Connectivity with Panasonic is, as always, flawless. You can connect Bluetooth with speakers/headphones and you can peacefully watch your content without being disturbed.

Easy Mirroring tools connect your smartphone with your TV device. For all the gamers out there, you have HDMI ports for gaming consoles which you can connect to Blue – Ray players.

While we are on external connection topic, there is a USB port too, so you can transfer content from your phone, camera, HDDs to the TV device and vice versa.

7. Samsung 43 inches Series 7 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA43NU7100 (Rs. 43,000)


Another widely – known brand that has become one of the most famous by its exceptional series of smartphones, has also amazingly – well series of TV devices.

Samsung TV has 4K UHD resolution – that means it can deliver a high-quality material with absolute clarity on the screen. It has 5 more pixels than FHD TV, so you do the math.

An amazing thing – the HDR feature – enables you to enjoy in bright and dark scenes due to its enhanced clarity. Catch every detail of your favourite movie.

The Pur Colour enables the natural – like the colour effect so that you can watch it without shrinking your eyes due to the fake high contrast on the screen.

The UHD dimming also enhances colour, but sharpness too and contrast by dividing it and processing into small blocks, allowing you to see a detailed and clear picture on the screen.

When it comes to appearance, it has a wonderful design, made so that it can match easily with your interior because of its minimalistic design.

Also, the wall mounting option saves your space, and it can be a practical solution when you don’t have a lot of it.

Samsungs multifunctional system allows you to do several things at once. The OS feature allows you to collect a big amount of content on a single screen. Also, you can preview the content before you decide what you want to watch.

The Smart Things App enables you to unlock the secrets of remote control facilities and screen mirroring.

Samsung 4K TV has a 120 hertz of recovery rate. Connectivity implies 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

8. Sony Bravia 49 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-49X7002F (Rs. 49,990)

(Best Option)

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Sony as a famous brand has a good reputation for making one of the most quality TVs.

The earlier edition of Trinitron models can prove that, and now Sony continues that path with the Bravia series.

Sony Bravia is a brilliant 4K TV that has HDR technology, hence it provides sharper and colour – rich image which are never seen so far with among their products.

Sony TV has an original feature called 4K X – Reality Pro. the feature magnifies pixels and creates an outstanding image quality on the screen. The colours are bright and clean and the technology that stands behind this is impressive indeed.

The Bass Reflex Speaker system has a clear and deep sound that matches with image quality and together it creates a truly cinematic experience.

The Clean Cable management option allows you to hide and arrange cables so that it looks clean and spruce. Aesthetics is important, and Sony knows that.

The Smart Plug and Play option connect smartphone and USB drive with the TV and enables sharing.

the USB tethering feature gives you the opportunity to charge your phone without having to stop with Internet browsing.

Additionally, Smart TV has features such as X – Protection Pro which protects your TV from the possible electric stream. There is a primary capacitor that protects TV against unstable electrics, while anti-humidity layer prevents short loops due to moisture.

The Motionflow XR feature allows you to have a clear picture during the fast-moving scenes by generating and adding extra frames between the original ones. Therefore, you can enjoy watching action movies and catch every detail of it.

Smart TV can connect with Play Station, and you can enjoy the benefits of playing HDR Gaming.

9. Sony 43 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-43X7500F (Rs. 56,990)

Source: Sony India

Another marvellous product of Sony, and perhaps the best in this category. However, it is not from the Bravia series but they do have some similarities when it comes to features.

Sony TVs has a brilliant combination of 4K clarity, brightness and colours. Also, as we all know HDR technology delivers outstanding image quality, and this TV has it all.

With help from the 4K – Reality Pro feature you get the improved and enhanced picture on the screen.

However, it is not all in pixels and pictures. The TV has a Bass Reflex Speaker sound system that produces qualitative sound. Also, the Clear Audio + refines the sound quality which provides fine and clear sound. Together with the qualitative picture, it creates a whole cinematic experience.

Sony is famous for its perfectionism, which results with the Clean Cable management option that comes with every their product. It helps you to organize cables and hide them from the visible site. It is an amazing option regarding the fact that we all love to hide cables, and thanks to Sony for taking care of that.

Sony TV has an Android OS system meaning you can download content from Google Play and use Voice Search feature for browsing channels and apps, etc. it is a handy option for all of those who are tired of constant quest for a remote controller.

Moreover, with the Chromecast feature, you can share content between your smartphone and a TV device.

The Netflix recommended TV feature is probably one of the most popular today, and it is a big plus that Sony TV has it. with this option, you have unlimited access to Netflix content and can watch it anytime.

This model of Sony TV has an IR Blaster Control option that allows you to control multiple devices from one remote controller.

What is also important is the X – Protection Pro feature that protects TV device from risky situations such as electrical surges.

Motionflow XR  is another impressive option that allows you to watch fast and action-packed scenes easily without any slowdown.

10. TCL 65 inches X465X4US 4K QLED Certified Android Smart TV (Rs. 109,990)


Here is one great example that some brands simply can do better. This model is 65-inches wide and is one of the best TVs from this brand. It has amazing design and it is super slim, it can fit anywhere and it is super – practical to use.

It has impressive viewing quality thanks to the Quantum Dot technology that applies realistic colours and place them at the screen.

TCL 65 has HDR Pro technology that creates detailed images with proper replication of the light and dark shades allowing you to have a complete view on the screen.

The Local Dimming option is there to provide a fine watching experience, while the MEMC feature has special effects that make a picture to look even better than usual. Also, TCL has advanced software that regulates fast and action scenes allowing you to see everything without decreasing of the picture quality.

With the Micro Dimming feature scenes with more brightness or darkness are automatically balanced so that you can see everything clearly.

Moreover, with the built-in Harman Kardon sound system you are going to have a cinema inside your room and since it has Dolby Audio and DTS Premium inside don’t get surprised if you need to the volume it down when you watch action movies.

TCL TV is Android TV that has Google Android OS. This means it has full access to the Google Play store and other features such as Netflix, etc. You can download all the apps you want with no limitation whatsoever.

From other features, it has a Voice Search and a built-in Chromecast. Also, it has great storage capacity (16GB) and 2.5 GB RAM. Last but not least, it is powered by a Quad-core CPU and dual-core GPU.

11. LG 55 inches 4K UHD OLED Smart TV OLED55B8PTA (Rs. 153,999)

Source: LG

LG company can be proud of its top-ranked OLED brand in the world.

The OLED technology, upgraded and produced so that it can provide flawless performance.

Here every pixel works to please the need of creating a perfect image on the screen and it works.

LG TV has a major feature and its the Al ThinQ technology that creates magic using the Natural Language Processing to produce an intelligent voice-activated control tool.

You can experience the overwhelming and floating feeling of a sound reaching from the TV that fulfils the room without creating any noise with The Dolby Atmos feature. Also, the processor named α7 creates a realistic and vivid colour experience.

LG TV has another impressive solution that reduces grain and provides a clear image, which is possible with a dual – step noise reduction. Also, The Active Depth Enhancer feature scans the images and makes balance with contrast if it’s necessary.

Moreover, with the True Colour Accuracy facility, you can enjoy in naturalistic images on the screen, since it reduces the distortion.

It has more amazing features that you are going to love, for instance, Netflix recommended TV allows you to watch Netflix without limitation. Also, it supports HDR format such as HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

Regarding the connectivity, it has 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports that allows external connection with other devices.

12. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K UHD OLED Smart TV HD-55A8F (Rs. 187,900)

Source: Smartprix

This TV has everything that one 4K TV should have and it is, with no further hesitation, one of the best on the market at this moment.

To start with the most important things. It has an OLED panel, meaning it has almost 10 million self – illuminating pixels that deliver outstanding image on the screen and therefore, creates a spectacular visual experience.

The sound system is truly innovative and unlike the other TV devices. Sound speakers that are in the back of a TVs simulates the sound across the whole screen. It creates an unrealistic feeling of complete sound that fulfils the room, like in the cinema.

The 4K HDR creates a divine experience. Sony TV comes with additional features such as X1 Extreme processor that has 40% more real-time processing than the traditional 4K processor X1, therefore, it creates an ultra-realistic effect.

The Triluminos Display feature selectively maps the colours and by the specially developed backlight, it makes a reposition on the screen in order to create an absolutely equitable picture.

Another feature worth mentioning is the X – Reality Pro that summaries every pixel and later unites it with the image database in order to create composition, colour and contrast resulting with exceptional image quality. Moreover, with the Dolby Vision that brings lively colours to life.

The image has Clear Audio technology for high – quality sound, which provides you with cinema-like adventure.

Sony Bravia TV belongs to the category of smart TVs but what makes it ”smart” is the Android OS. It has a user – friendly UI that is almost the same as the one on your phone, which makes it even more easy to use.

As an Android smart TV it has Google Voice Search, Netflix recommended TV and Chromecast features.

For all gamers, it is worth knowing that there is an option for HDR gaming, Play Station 4 and PS4 Pro. Also, with the IR Blaster Control, you can control all devices connected with the TV via single remote control.

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