Valorant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Valorant has become one of the most popular shooter games since Riot Games released it earlier this year. Maybe you’ve tried to play but realized it can be a pretty tough game to learn, especially as a beginner. But, any challenge can be overcome if you put your mind to it and challenge yourself! So, in this post, we’ll be looking at some tips and tricks for beginner Valorant players.

Learn The Game

If you want to get good at Valorant, it begins by learning the game. An excellent way to describe it is a mixture of CS: GO and Overwatch / League of Legends. It’s a First Person Shooter with abilities. Each agent has access to the same weapons but different skills. This is what makes the game interesting. Learning the game means understanding how the game works. What’s different about this game compared to other FPS games? There are various articles and video guides from people who really know what they are doing for starters.

Source: The Verge

Learn The Maps

There are five maps in the game – Ascent, Bind, Icebox, Haven, and Split, and each of them is unique and has its own specifications. If you know each of the game’s maps in detail, you’ll be better equipped for each match. You’ll know:

  • Where each spike site is
  • What routes the enemy might take
  • Where are the best places to defend from
  • Where has good cover

Among other useful things. Without this, you’ll default to essential FPS play, taking cover when you need it and playing reactively rather than proactively.

Learn The Agents

There are fourteen agents – Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Killjoy, Cypher, Sova, Sage, Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze, Breach, and the newest one – Skye.

Although you only have access to a few agents when you first start playing, it’s best to learn them all. Each of them has a unique personality, interesting story, and unbelievable abilities. Besides, If you know what makes each agent different and the unique skills and powers of each, your gameplay will improve.

To do this, you’ll need a two-pronged approach. Begin by doing some online research into each agent and their abilities. Then, test each agent out! Either play a custom game or play an online match with each agent. Of course, do this over some time, so you don’t lose interest or get bored.

Of the agents available at the beginning, I found Phoenix to be easy to play. He has a heal and a rewind, allowing you to play either aggressive or defensive.

Source: Gamereactor


As with all team games, communication is key! Without communication, you won’t be working effectively together. Talk to your teammates. Tell them what you know, your strategy, what guns you have, what abilities are available, and other useful information. Doing so will allow both them and you to play better. Communication wins games.

On the topic of communication, call out to your team when you see or hear an enemy. This will help your team to relocate, group up, or try a different approach.


Don’t lose focus and keep track of the enemies all the time. Occasionally glancing at the minimap can do wonders. This will show you rough enemy locations, allowing you to plan and act accordingly. Tracking the enemy and where they will roughly be going will give you an advantage. This makes it more likely that you will win.

Source: Somag News

It’s a team game

Upon starting the game, you are given a few things to agree to. One of which was playing as a team. It’s unlikely that you can solo carry every single game unless you’re a pro player. It doesn’t happen for beginners, so don’t waste your time and energy. Instead, play with your team. Strategize with them, communicate with them, and stick together! You’re much harder to kill when grouped up with others.

Aim for the head!

Headshots are very powerful. They deal double damage when compared to the body. Sometimes – often – they can insta-kill your opponent. Always aim for the head.

One sneaky trick for this is to raise your crosshair ever so slightly throughout the game. This will put your crosshair into the head-level of your enemies, rather than their body. You can practice this by aiming at your allies’ heads in the buy phase.

Source: Republic World

Move Slow

Moving slowly aids your accuracy. When shooting while running, your accuracy is significantly decreased. But when walking, or even better when sneaking, you’ll hit a lot more of your targets.

Also, if you hip fire, your rate of fire will be faster. Where possible, get in the habit of shooting from the hip rather than using your sights.

Spray Patterns

Learn the spray patterns of your favorite weapons, then counter the recoil with your mouse.

Let’s do a quick test. Next time you’re in Valorant, play a custom game, and buy your favorite weapon. Then, find a transparent wall and hold down your trigger. Notice how the gun moves as you spray? That’s the gun’s spray pattern. If it’s recoiling up and to the left, you can counter it by moving your mouse down and to the right as you spray.

Now, it’s not always necessary to do this. Often, you’ll be firing single shots or only a few shots unless you’re panicking and spraying for your life. In most situations, you’ll want to take it slow and aim for the head. And don’t forget – you are playing the game for fun, and you have to be calm and comfortable while playing.

Source: Polygon

Thanks for reading. If you really want to become a better Valorant player, start collecting as much information as possible. The Internet is full of impressive materials about the game, and one of the best places to find them is! As they provide a huge variety of game-related services, in their blog section, you can find guides for all the agents, maps, weapons, as well as tips and tricks on how to improve your skills in Valorant and more games.

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