6 Things Only CS:GO Players can Understand – 2024 Guide

Ever since its start in 2012, CS:GO has only risen in popularity and quality. It has attracted millions of players from all around the world and to date, it still has several million players active daily. The reason for their success has partly been Valve’s continuous support and updates to the game. The CS:GO community has survived because of regular updates even with the advent of other popular games like Valorant.

Valve doesn’t do it out of pure love of course. According to, there are still thousands of players who buy CS:GO skins on a regular basis that bring in revenue for Valve. In fact, there was just a purchase last month in June 2024 of about $708k for two skins! It’s due to events like these that we know the CS:GO community is still alive and thriving.

Over the years, the player base has seen an increasing number of users join its ranks. However, the players who have been there from the start have stuck with the game since its very first day of release. These players have a considerable amount of experience and know things that other gamers who haven’t played CS:GO don’t.

In this article, we’ll be talking exactly about these things. They can be only understood by players who are experienced or have at least played the game in online matches for a while. Read this article till the end to ensure that you don’t miss out on any amazing detail!

1. Knowing famous and hidden spots on the map.

A CS:GO player would be aware of the several famous spots on the map where the eSports most glorious moments have taken place. From the countless clutches and aces at inferno’s banana to Coldzera’s legendary noscope jumping AWP at bombsite B in Overpass, nothing can take the moments from a CS:GO player when history was made and legends were born.

Apart from these legendary spots, a CS:GO player would also be aware of several “hidden” spots. These spots are rarely known to beginner players and new players who are playing for the first time won’t even have any idea how players accessed these hidden spots. We won’t give off an extensive list because it’ll ruin the fun and sanctity of these spots, but players who know about them are smiling to themselves right now.

2. Slangs like “Git gud, rekt, drop awp, ace”


A non-CS:GO player, or even someone who isn’t that experienced with the gaming community, won’t understand 90% of the words in CS:GO professional chat. Lines like “Rush B! Rush B!’ are unique to CS:GO’s legacy only and no other game can ever steal it away from CS:GO.

These slangs are developed by the community themselves to deliver quick and efficient communication without wasting as much time as possible. Any CS:GO player can tell you the glorious feeling of victory when you clutch an ace for your team and your team starts spamming “ace” and “gg wp” in the chat.

Then there is the toxic side of CS:GO which has been prevalent since the very start. These are the toxic players who kill enemies and then immediately type “git gud” on all chat just to add salt on the wounds and spread toxicity. There are also the egoistic players who always use “rekt’ after each shot they get with their AWP or headshot with their M4.

There are also the selfish players who want nothing but awps from their team members and would constantly spam the chat until someone gives them an AWP and then there are russians who have a CS:GO league of their own.

3. Hackers at every level.

CS:GO suffers from a major hacker problem, even in 2024 – 10 years after the game’s release. These hackers have made their place in every CS:GO rank and level. There is no competitive rank league where there aren’t any hackers present. Most players who play it for the first time slowly get used to the hacker problem until they find good friends to play with.

Even professional and experienced players are tired of facing hackers in their game. They are even in considerable numbers in Global Elite and are quite the memorable experience for any CS:GO player.

4. Accidental wallbangs and frag grenades


Wallbangs are a feature that have stuck with the series since its very start, way back in CS 1.16. Even then wall bangs were hard because it was almost near to impossible to predict enemy movement without seeing them. That’s why wallbangs require immense skill and map awareness.

The average players who have gotten a wallbang are extremely proud of the moment and will always remember CS:GO for that, if nothing else. Along with the wallbangs, there are also accidental grenade frags which, when they happen, make the player extremely happy about the moment.

5. Constant server lag

Most CS:GO players have achieved some semblance of server lag or high server ping one way or the other. This lag makes your enemies look like they are teleporting from side A to side B. Even shooting enemies that are facing server lag or server high ping is impossible because their body feels transparent and is in constant movement because of the ping.

Most players who have played CS:GO are well familiar with this lag and ping. They have experienced it on the sender end and on the receiving end also.

6. Sense of achievement at finally crossing silver


Nothing can beat a CS:GO player’s moment of triumph and glory as they finally pass the confines of Silver rank. It is considered to be the hardest rank in CS:GO to pass through just because of the sheer amount of players Silver has. Since most of these players are amateurs, it is hard to get out of Silver even if you carry the games.

If your teammates are amateurs and don’t play well, it can be super hard to gain some rank and cross the silver league all by yourself which is what makes the moment super memorable.


We hope this list brought nostalgia and memories to CS:GO players because these things can only be understood by them. If this article was insightful for you, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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