Here Are the First 3 Steps of How to Use a Job-finding Site

If you need a new job, you should look online. Whether you need a new job because you don’t like your current boss, you don’t enjoy the current employee atmosphere, you are underpaid and overworked, or you are moving to a new geographical location, the internet is a great place start to see which job you are well qualified for and you would enjoy.

By using the internet to search the entire world or your specific geographical area for jobs, you can broaden or narrow down your search with the click of a button. To help narrow down the extensive list of search results to the positions you are well-qualified for, increase your salary range, are in your geographical area, and are the number of hours per week you are looking for, this can save tons of time and energy of browsing jobs via newspapers, magazines, or word of mouth recommendations.

Using online job-finding sites can make hunting easy, fast, and simple! With these sites, you can simply narrow down your search to the few choices that would match your specific criteria. Do you want a part-time position that pays you at least $20 per hour? No problem – job-finding sites have got you covered.

Let’s see how you can use a job finding site and the top benefits of using this to find your new occupation!

5 benefits of using a job-finding site

Although a friend can recommend you for a job with the company they are currently working for, it can often not work out in the long run. To get a more successful chance at a new occupation, consider using a job-finding site. You can use a site to help keep you motivated during the search, increase your chances of finding a job, reach out to employers, and continue on during discouraging times.

The internet and various sites help you find the qualifications for jobs, apply to the occupations, research more about the businesses, and figure out what you might need to change in your life or resume to be the perfect candidate. Understanding the benefits of using a job-finding site, like Pathrise, is key to boosting your chances of employment!


1. Electronic resumes

The first benefit of using a job-finding site, like Pathrise, is the ability to turn in an electric resume. You can simply attach your online resume to the site so you don’t have to always upload a new resume for each position you apply for. Instead, just attach the resume to your profile so the employer can automatically view your resume when they see your application.

2. Job boards

The second benefit of using a job site, like Pathrise, is the ability to browse job boards to find ads targeting people with your specific qualifications and work experience who may be exactly what they are looking for! Browse boards to find any ads from companies that want to find the perfect candidate based on location, salary, title, and time available.

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3. Company research

The third reason you should use Pathrise is to do some background research and find out information regarding the company you are considering applying for. By doing some research beforehand, you can avoid any issues with speaking to companies with bad reputations or poor reviews that can waste your time.

Visit the website of the company to see how you can learn more about the business, what they are known for, positive customer reviews, and past client reviews that can sway your decision in a positive or negative direction.

4. Online reputation

The fourth reason to use a job site like Pathrise is to see the online reputation of the business you need to make sure the company you want to work for has a positive standing in the light of consumers and past customers. If customers left and did not still shop or go to this business, what happened? Why do they no longer want to give this company their business? Even though it could just be a coincidence, you need to figure out consumer trends and the customer success model of this business.


5. Networks

The last reason why you should use a job site like Pathrise is to network with others in your field. By building relationships by using online sites, you can connect with other like-minded individuals who may be able to help recommend you for another job, help you with your interview, or give you advice on where they work.

3 steps of how to use job sites

Now that you know the benefits of job sites like Pathrise, you need to know the steps of how to use this online system so you can find occupations that are tailored to your lifestyle, hours per week, qualifications, and personal preferences!


1. Plugin the search parameters

The first step is to plug in the search parameters of the box and check off what you do and do not want. Check off items like location, salary, hours, education level, and any other clickable information that can help you narrow down your search.

2. Browse and choose a job

The next step is to browse the result of the job site and choose a job you want to apply for. You can choose which one is best for your needs by reading the description and making sure it works with all of your aforementioned parameters.


3. Apply for the job!

The final step is to apply for the job! Attach your resume, fill out any question the employer might have, and click submit. Make sure you answer any questions fully and correctly to ensure the employer can learn more about you as a person and your past experience. Filling out more information in detail gives you a better chance of being hired by the business.


When searching for a  new job, consider using a job-finding site that is tailored to help the search go seamlessly and smoothly – like Pathrise. Using a website like this helps you narrow down your search parameters, apply for jobs, and wait for the results!

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