SOC-as-a-Service in Practice: What You Need to Know – 2024 Guide

SOC-as-a-Service is run by a SOC team, mostly in the IT sector, to monitor if the confident data is still secure and protected. It’s a subscription-based or software-based service, that helps you manage the logs, clouds, and networks for your internal IT sector. It’s provided by a company that knows how to fight against cyber-threats. When a lot of people are using the same network, it becomes critical, and the fear of cyberattacks is going big. Most of the time, it’s related to healthcare, government, non-government, or any other similar service that is using the personal information of the people, and store them for different reasons.

By using SOC-as-a-service, the companies can monitor, manage, and analyze the network activity through their operation center. They can focus on improving the network balance and stability, and decrease the risks of getting attacked. This is a high-level of provided cybersecurity when it comes to protection from attacks and threats.

For example, the team that works on this analyzes and detects some unusual behavior on the network, to see if someone is trying to make something bad. That requires a deep investigation, and continuous work and scanning, and knowing what you are looking for in the first place. Very often, the same person or group of people will try to attack a few times, and the SOC team is there to stop that.

If there are signs of potential cyberattacks, the team should detect the harmful behavior and threats, but also the vulnerabilities that can be used as a breach, and then locate the possible threat, and of course, estimate the chances for the attack to happen. Then, they create a review and try to get in-depth knowledge of the attacker, and the so-called method that is used in this case.

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So, what exactly is the definition of SOC?

It’s short for a security operational center, and the team’s main task is to protect the company or organization’s network from cyberattacks. When some service company is using a large amount of data to their clients, or provide an online service to them (that requires using their personal information), they should be aware that in cases like this, they must ensure that everything is always secure all the time. Very often, your internal team is not enough for this and hiring a service like is highly recommended, especially if you can’t afford to hire a whole team.

What are the benefits of using SOC-as-a-service?

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No matter if you have a team in your company, or you’re paying an outsource company to do this job. You have to know that this is a really challenging task, because the hackers are creative enough to always look for a new way to attack and find the vulnerable spot in the network, and the team can have full hands of a job trying to prevent that. Weak systems are not their target, because there is no challenge and excitement in successfully attacking at the first or second try. Usually, they go for more stable systems, and maintenance, in this case, is highly recommended.

A lot of companies are using cloud-based servers, and they are very practical to save space and money, but it requires stronger protection against data thieves and malicious actions. That’s the main reason why this SOC team exists, and their task and job is to provide an extra layer of security. The team is usually trained and have advanced skills in fighting against cybercriminal.

We can say that no one can ever be sure that they are 100% safe if they don’t have a SOC-as-a-service to run the analysis and detect and identify the threats. If you think that you are completely safe from that, probably you are wrong, because every activity on the network is exposing it, making it more vulnerable and easy to hack. The maintenance is recommended and required, so you can know your network is safe from viruses, malware, data leaks, and any other kind of cyberattack.

Additionally, it’s more affordable than fixing the damage. Of course, you have to pay for the outsourced service or the team that is doing the job, no matter if you are a small or big company. These people are usually pretty skilled engineers, and their salaries are large, but again, it’s much affordable than fixing the damage if an attack happens.

This technology combines machine and human knowledge, to analyze plenty of real-time actions on the network, keeping a log of every one of them, and detecting suspicious behavior if some action is repeating at equal intervals. The reports are useful for further improvement. But, at the same time, we have to mention that most of the companies are not aware of the need for a specialized team to monitor this process, and they decide to hire them after something bad happens.

At the very end, we will mention that this service can be helpful when compliance reports are filed. That’s a result of advanced data gathering, intelligence, machine learning, planning, and of course, upgrading the knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Hackers are inventing new ways to cause harm to others, and that means the security team should be very creative to stop all of that and prevent the damage.

Also, with SOC-as-a-service, the team can monitor the internal activity too. That doesn’t mean that some of the employees are doing that on purpose. We are all aware that malicious files are spreading through emails and scam websites every day, and the team has a task to monitor that activity too.

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We are highly recommending to consider this team as a crucial part of your company because no one wants to experience data theft and leaks. It’s your job to protect the personal information of your clients and provide the best service for them. And you are probably aware that you can’t do it by yourself and you must have your dream team behind you, including the SOC team, that is doing the best to protect your servers and networks all the time.

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