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How To Protect Yourself From Scams In 2023

In recent years, internet scams and online frauds have become international disasters, with millions of people each year reporting to have been scammed. With the advancement in technology, it’s even become worse to deal with scammers and cons who are constantly taking advantage of the technology to change their techniques …

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SOC-as-a-Service in Practice: What You Need to Know – 2023 Guide

SOC-as-a-Service is run by a SOC team, mostly in the IT sector, to monitor if the confident data is still secure and protected. It’s a subscription-based or software-based service, that helps you manage the logs, clouds, and networks for your internal IT sector. It’s provided by a company that knows …

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DDoS Attacks (and How You Can Protect Against Them)

What is a DDoS attack? Distributed Denial of Service, also known as DDoS, is a form of attack which attempts in making an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with directed traffic from several different sources. A DDoS attack targets anything and everything with value, from a wide range of …

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