Right Ingredients for Customer Service – “Success Recipe”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who just started a business, or you’re a seasoned business professional, you know running a business is not an easy task. The challenge is not only being compliant with the regulatory authorities, or to handle the immediate competition. The bigger challenge these days is to be able to adapt to the ever-changing technology and customer demands. The fast a business transforms as per the growing technology and customer demands, the better are the chances of success.

One such challenge is to meet the customer service requirements of modern-day customers. The customer service needs have changed rapidly with growing technology and businesses owners must think of ways to handle these requirements.

Traditional call centers providing voice support are no longer sufficient. Businesses need an omnichannel approach that includes voice, chat and e-mail support. One good thing about this aspect is the businesses need not invest their own cost in building this support as they have an option to partner with an offshore service provider to handle these services. Voice, e-mail and chat-based customer service support model not only helps in managing the customers well, it also improves the overall operational efficiency of any organization.

Why Partner with a Virtual Team

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As a business, you may choose to keep some of the support functions with you and partner with a vendor to provide some services. But an omnichannel contact center provider like ITCube BPM, can deliver all these services seamlessly and provide you more benefits than just cost savings. Let’s look at some of those benefits:

One-Stop Shop: Contact centers leverage state-of-the-art technologies to provide service. This means you get access to these technologies. Plus, they generally have a pool of ready to go resources who already have the skills you need. This reduces your overall time of implementation. This saves cost and provide you the flexibility to scale up and down as and when needed.

Reliability: A single point service provider gives you the assurance of a long-term association and the reliability you need to focus on your business instead of worrying about customer service and retention.

Success Recipe: A combination of Voice, e-mail and chat support

For any modern-day contact center, voice, e-mail and chat support are the fundamental modes of providing support. These modes put together give the flexibility to a customer to contact support as per his choice of method and time which not only keeps the customer happy but also strengthen the overall image of your brand. As mentioned earlier, voice based inbound customer service is the most popular and widely used mode of service, but the change is technology has increased the importance of chat and e-mail-based support. Many businesses still ignore the importance of using the service channels and end up losing customers especially if the customer ever had a bad experience with a voice-based customer service rep.

Chat Support

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In today’s fast-paced world, it is well known that modern-day customers are more impatient than ever. They want their queries to be answered almost instantly and don’t want to wait in queues. This is one of the primary reasons why Chat-based support is most popular amongst millennials. It of course is a faster, easier and efficient way of reaching support. Chat agents can handle multiple chats at once which allows processing of queries done faster. Therefore, chat support generally has almost non-existent queues. Since chat can be integrated within a browser and is easy to access, your Virtual Team can handle these chat queries with almost 40% of cost savings to you.

Voice-Based Customer Service

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Even today, voice support is generally used as a first point of contact for a customer. If you’re thinking of improving the efficiency of your Inbound customer service team, partnering with a Virtual Team of professional contact center solution provider should be the first thing on your mind. Call centers greatly depend on technologies like Customer Relationship Management software, Speech assisted IVR’s, automatic call distribution, tec. Investing cost in all these technologies can add additional cost to you. Hence, choosing a 3rd party vendor can be a beneficial idea. Also, Modern Call centers utilize analytical tools to observe customer enquiry trends which allows you to improve your service. They train their staff well to handle all types of situations.

E-mail Support

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Even though e-mail support is an old and slow method of providing support, but it has its own importance. Many-times when customers call a call center, they may not be able to express or explain themselves, OR may not be able to provide relevant supporting documents like invoices, product images etc. E-mail support allows customers to be thorough and detailed, plus, it allows them to check for responses at their own convenience.

Though the response times are generally high, contact centers nowadays follow a strict KPI on sending responses to each e-mail query. E-mail support can be handled by the same professionals within your Virtual Team, who handle chat support, thus, this support option is available to you al almost no cost. E-mail trails sent back and forth by customer and the service team allows you to analyze and understand customer behavior and improve your product or service.

The above pointers make it clear that a combination of Voice, E-mail and Chat support is the right recipe for Customer Service Success and the right partner can help you ensure you take better care of your customers.

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