9 Best Real User Monitoring Tools to try in 2024

How familiar are you with RUM? It stands for Real User Monitoring and is the perfect tool for your website. It tells you what to do to run your site successfully and it teaches you how to interact with your audience. Thanks to its testing tools as well as different user monitoring tools, which we will talk about down below, you will easily analyze the user experience in real-time which will help you observe interactions and give you an amazing site that is friendly and professional at the same time!

So, why is real user monitoring so important?

Do you want to make your visitors feel comfortable, as well as welcome on your site? Once you combine the right tools and the right approach, you will easily let them see the bigger picture! At constellix.com you will understand how does this monitoring service work and you will also understand its metrics that are gathered from the RUM community daily! Simply insert a tiny JavaScript snippet to your site and sit back to watch how the data gathered in real-life time. Keep on reading and find out about other tools and options that you will love in 2024!

9 Best Real User Monitoring Tools to try in 2024

1. Uptrends

By copying a code to your webpage the Uptrend script will collect data from every user that stumbles onto the site. This data will give you access immediately and you will be able to check some of the most important metrics. You can get the best experience and feel like an actual user, all of this thanks to web analytics tools.

2. Boomerang

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This little tool will measure your page load times along with the browser feature. RUM will analyze everything in order to get the best observer effect. You don’t have to pay any additional fees in this case, which is great! Thanks to some plug-ins you will give you the best and most modern approach when compared to some other sites or RUM experiences.

3. Raygun

Did you know that most users will give up and abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds for it to load? That is crazy, isn’t it? Years back three seconds were nothing, but nowadays it seems as if everyone is into that fast and reliable experience. Raygun is known for its top-performance and fast service, as well as swift experience. They are also great for converting more sales. With them, you will easily analyze any potential errors and see what you might have missed out on.

4. Pingdom

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This RUM platform cares for its visitors and their data, as well as their friendly approach. By adding the small JavaScript snippet and with Pingdom you will easily collect data from everyone that comes to the site. Pingdom also has an amazing visual representation of their user experience. People don’t mind its hefty price tag because it also offers monitoring, alerting, as well as transactions. It is great for somewhat experienced users, not really for beginners.

5. Rapidspike

This is simple and yet easy to use solution for people who want to feel secure. It can easily gather all the needed data on any visitor as well as their geographical location. The whole thing is explained and represented with metrics and graffs, and each site is reviewed and each feature is explained in-depth. If you are a beginner who needs a solution, go with Rapidspike.

6. Elastic

Source: Sematext

The name might sound funny, but Elastic is an open-source APM tool that is perfect because it reduces its downtime by identifying bottlenecks, and it is an amazing top-speed RUM. It is an amazing solution that is based on solving the issues with code. It will visualize your strategy and will give you different service actions on how to approach the problem. People love it since it sends out alerts through email or Slack, which are the most-common go-to everyday apps.

7. SpeedCurve

Thanks to its unique approach, SpeedCurve will easily compare any data + you will love it since it is so beginner-friendly. Track your preferred and most important metrics by including the conversion rates and by testing out its individual page elements. This RUM is well-known and has been popular since it had partnered up with Google in the past, and is a must-use tool for detail-oriented people.

8. Sematext

Source: Sematext

With this RUM data, you will easily enjoy and browse through different page-load events. You can navigate through its features and choose from JavaScript files, browsers, geolocation, as well as images. Thanks to its HTTP requests and resources every customer will end up feeling satisfied. The price can drastically vary depending on your preferred features with SemaText. Make sure to stick to something that meets your budget.

9. Constellix

Last, but not least, we had to end the article and this listicle with our previously mentioned favorite, Constellix. It provides custom routing logic using filters as well as GeoProximity rules to give you accurate data. You can easily build your own content delivery network, enjoy the traffic steering, along with network resiliency. With their service, you can go for either the small business package, enterprise, or hosting providers. Each price is different, and it will suit different businesses along with your preferred budget.

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Ready To Give It A Go?

Since now you know a thing or two more about real user monitoring tools and some of the best options on the market, would you be willing to give them a go? Which one is your favorite, and which tool do you prefer most of our recommended top 9 kinds? All of these will be a full hit in 2024, and each monitoring tool has its unique pros and cons, as well as different features that you will love and that you should look into. Find the one that meets your criteria and your budget and give it a go! Let us know your experience thus far, we would love to know.

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