How to Decrease Ping

We all know how zero ping is the best option out there due to the fact that it is pretty much doable especially when you are playing games. When your ping is way up there after checking it on this website then you know right away you must do something about that. It is a good thing there are plenty of things you can do when you research on the way regarding how to decrease ping.


Upgrade Router

When your ping is pretty high, you can pretty much blame your old router. These days, router manufacturers can pretty much raise the stakes when it comes to the new products that they make. Thus, you should really take advantage of that. Better replace the old and adjust to new items that you should really be using. Don’t forget to read the reviews about the routers that you are eyeing. If you are in luck, you can stumble upon some cheap routers out there where you can get a lot more than you were bargaining for. Besides, you know you would be able to have an easier time using these things as long as you know how to and read the instruction manual. It is always a great time to buy a new router since new models always come out and they are all good. They have outstanding features that you can always use as long as you ask the sales team how you can take full advantage of your purchase. After all, you have the right to do that as a paying customer.

Select Close Game Server

This website sure gives lots of tips regarding how to decrease ping. When you have dozens of game servers in the room you are at then you must select the closest one. At first, it can get quite a bit confusing but when you get used to it then you will benefit a lot in the near future. After all, you’re going to say that you made the right choice. You just need the password for that server. If it is a bit hard to remember then you should write it down. When you are located pretty far from the game server, then you should take time to rearrange your overall spot. Even when you are used to it, it is now time for a change especially when it would result to finally decreasing your ping.


Move Closer to Router

According to this source, it would be a splendid idea to move closer to your router. If it is far then the ping must be pretty high. You will observe it will get lower the moment you move inches closer to the router. When that happens, you won’t have to worry about lag ever again. There is a possibility that you will need to move stuff. In fact, you will actually lose some calories while you are doing that so you are going to do yourself a few favors by moving some chairs and tables just so you can get closer to the router. If not, you can adjust the router closer to you. It is evident there can be many wires that are entangled before you can do that so some of them would need to be removed. That would be alright because you will finally be able to decrease the ping which can be a bit frustrating when you come to think of it.

Close Background Programs and Sites

The same website suggests closing websites that you are not really fond of using anyway. After all, websites like Netflix and Youtube take up a lot of bandwidth that you would later on regret. It is evident you would want to continue the video you were watching. All you need to do is to remember where you left off and just continue the video at a later time. It is a good thing Netflix remembers where you last left off with the show or movie that you were watching. The streaming platform can even do that to a bunch of stuff that you decided to start watching. Due to how good those shows were, you can’t really blame yourself for doing that. Don’t forget to lessen the number of devices that are connected to the WiFi. After all, that would just affect the bandwidth in more ways than one. It is possible some Smart devices in your place are connected to your WiFi and you don’t even know it. The effects that would have on your Internet connection is huge so this should not really be something that you can afford to underestimate.


Use an Ethernet Cable

It would be a big boost to decrease your ping if you can head over to the nearest store and buy an Ethernet cable. After that, use that cable to connect your device to the router. You can see a big boost to your Internet connection speed. There is just no way your Internet connection would slow as that would usually just happen to wireless devices. Also, you can observe there are quite a few slots in your router for several ethernet cables connected to it. As a result, you can connect several devices to it. That is not such a bad thing after all so you should really decide on the things that you can connect to it until you’re alright with the devices that have a fast Internet connection as their ping is lowered by a mile.

Restart Router

When you lose your connection to the Internet and you call the company that provided it, don’t be surprised if this is the first method that they would suggest you do. It is not that hard to do either. First, you must find the on/off button on your router then you must switch it off. After that, you should time it for at least five minutes then switch it on. It is one of those strategies that restarts everything so you can feel confident this would work all the time.

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