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How to Buy US PSN Cards From Outside US Without Paying Extra

If you own any of the PlayStation console generations, whether PS Vita, PS3, or even PS4 and you don’t reside within the United states, you know that you’ll end up paying for higher prices for games. U.S residents receive special discounts, while others have to pay a little more, the …

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How Tech Has Changed Teaching Techniques in the US?

It is hard to argue with the fact that technological progress has changed everything in the past decade. From the way we used to handle daily tasks to the way we taught children in schools – everything is now different. Technology has given teaching a significant boost in the past …

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5 Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Taxes

Many aspects regarding digital assets are still in a gray area in terms of the law, and this gets even more emphasized when we talk about cryptocurrencies. Namely, when it all started, there weren’t many countries in the world that had any kind of law to regulate this new currency. …

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US Broadband Bill Finally Treat Internet Service Like an Essential Service

Over the past several years, broadband has taken a backseat to other essential services that you might have in your home. During the COVID pandemic, many people saw that broadband is an essential service for working, taking classes, and communicating with family, friends, and healthcare providers. President Biden has recently …

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