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3 Tips for Hiring a Professional Interior and Architectural Photographer – 2024 Guide

The architecture includes the design and shaping of buildings, but also other buildings. It is a unique blend of art, science, and technology. With all its segments that include origin, existence, and aging, architecture, in turn, depends on each other artistic discipline, and that is photography. Without photography, we would be deprived of seeing, knowing, and recognizing great architectural achievements.

Interior and architecture photography refers to the photographing and processing of photographs of buildings and apartments for rent or sale, shops (hotels, restaurants, bars) for promotion through a social network or inactive accommodation sites. Photos can be used for printed publications, catalogs, and magazines. The service is for all companies/individuals who want to improve market promotion. It includes professional photography in the interior with the use of natural and existing ambient lighting and, if necessary, additional professional photographic lighting. The photos are taken so that the light is natural and uneven.

Interior and architecture photos are processed in Adobe Photoshop, so that clients receive photos arranged according to standards for production, printing, internet, reservations, or something else, depending on the client’s requirements. Photography can take from 3 to 10 hours, depending on the size of the space being shot. The defense will be done within 24 hours from the moment the shooting is completed.

Why is it important to hire a professional photographer?

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The job of a photographer is by no means easy. Superior photography depends on many factors. Shooting angle, layout, focus, light, and frame are just some of the essentials to make the whole photo work and make you happy.

If you want to present a house or property in an appropriate way, it is important to choose a photographer who has an eye for detail. Interior and exterior images can be very creative, and potential buyers will surely decide to buy and call if you have quality photos. Also, photography is a job that requires a lot of effort and time.

Today, many call themselves professional photographers, but how do you recognize who you are? There are a few things that can serve as guidelines for you.


Photographers are educated in vocational schools. They learn the basics of photography – composition, light, photography conditions – but they also pay close attention to the technology of photography development. However, it is important to emphasize that successful photography does not necessarily require education. Like designers and various artists, a collection of previous works is important when hiring or other forms of collaboration, based on which the success of an individual photographer is assessed.

Knowledge, skills, and desirable traits

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The photographer must know the different photography techniques and procedures for further processing – color changes, spatial composition of the image, contrast, etc. They must be creative and have a developed sense of beauty. They should be patient, systematic, and precise. As they often work with people, they must be communicative and kind. They must have good eyesight, and they must have recognized shades and brightness of colors and good spatial orientation. The call is suitable for both sexes. For a photojournalist, agility and dexterity are important, as he often has to react quickly. The portraitist works with people the most, so he must be patient and kind. A commercial photographer must be above all creative and have a developed sense of beauty that allows him to choose the best composition, background and colors, to make the photo as impressive as possible. On GDHoland you can see how professional interior and architecture photographs should look like.

Photographic equipment

Yes, experience and the “good eye” play one of the key roles when it comes to photography, but we must not neglect something else that is equally important – photographic equipment. It would be convenient to just pull out your smartphone and take a perfect professional shot of the interior or office space. However, this is not a realistic expectation. Professionals invest in the right equipment to make the perfect shot at the perfect moment.

What are the features of interior photography and architecture?

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The feature of these photos is that the photographed space or building can be seen as sharp in all parts. In the case of photographing details of a building or interior, it can be done so that the background is blurred.

They have 95% realistic colors. The interior under natural light in the parts that are not lit has slight shadows in which details can be seen, on the other hand, there are details in the bright parts.
Photographs have all vertical lines that are parallel to each other (no barium deformations and perspective distortions).

At the client’s request, sometimes a photograph with perspective distortions and barium deformations can be intentionally taken if for some reason this leads to some effect that the client needs.

Recording method

Photography is done from each room from different angles. It is most often done from eye level to achieve an objective and natural impression – to make the interior look like someone is watching it. The natural sunlight that comes through the window is most often used. If necessary, it can be photographed with evening lighting set in the room, or with additional photographic lighting. The interior is set up as if someone is staying in it so that you get a narrative view of the interior of what it will look like when someone stays in it. Night bars, cafes, restaurants, and other bars whose working hours are oriented to the night, ambient lighting is done in the evening or at night.

Final thoughts

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What will tell you the best about the photographer are his works. Today, more than 80% of the world’s population uses the Internet, so why not take advantage of it, because photographers, as well as many who do other work, are happy to advertise through social networks and websites. So, take your time and using this guidance, find the best one!

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