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10 Must-have Accessories for Your DSLR Camera 2024

In case you recently bought a new camera and you plan to start work as an amateur photographer, you need to read this article. As follows, you may think that now as you have the camera, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff for a while, but that is not true. If you want to become an expert in photography in the future, you should start strong. Hence, you need a few accessories for the camera. Here are some that you are going to need if you want to make quality photos. We made a list of essential ones since you are a beginner it is expected of you not to be familiar with everything about photography, so here it is – you are welcome!

1. Tripod

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Presumably, one of the most wanted tools for the camera is a tripod. It is an absolute must when it comes to serious photo shooting sessions and works outside. Invest a bit more and buy a quality one that can handle a big pressure but is lightweight at the same time. In case you want to start with something small, there is a mini tripod. Besides you are going to make better photos, tripod keeps your camera stable and you can practice better focus and capture easily at the beginning.

2. Accessories for camera cleansing


It is essential to keep your lens clean and safe. Following all, it is one of the most important parts of the camera. Therefore, you need to get a cleaning kit and use it regularly. Cleaning accessories that are most relevant are LensPen cleaner, Cleaning Cloth and Air Blaster. There are much more, though, these are a must.

3. External Flash


DSLR cameras often have poor flash, accordingly, you need to get an external one in order to make better photos in a low light environment. In the case where you take photos indoors where lights often work against you, it is required to have good light for your camera. If you have second opinions regarding flash and you think that ruins a photo, take a look at photographs that are made with and without an external flash and you will get your answer.

4. UV Filters

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Another quite important investment if you want to become a good photographer. It not only reduces UV rays but also can protect the lens from potential breaking and it protects the lens from dust and scratches. Moreover, we believe that you are aware of the importance that the lens has for your DSLR. By investing in this one, you are saving yourself from much higher expenses in the future if you disable the lens.

5. Lens Hood

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An important item that keeps your lens protected in the case when you take pictures outside during the daytime. It keeps lens safe from stray light, ghosting and flashing. It helps you to create better photos, even if there is a strong light source out there. Also, it keeps the lens safe and guarded against damage.

6. Wireless Remote Control


It doesn’t sound like an essential thing to have when you are an amateur photographer but it is a good thing. Firstly, it helps you to make a group photo without any troubles just by clicking on the remote controller. It is very helpful in situations where the camera is positioned far from your hand reach. Secondly and more important is that by taking a photo with a remote controller you can take a photo without any vibration which can be essential when you want to capture something in extreme conditions or when you are not physically capable of standing tranquil.

7. Extra Lens Cap

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Think like a professional photographer. They will never go on a photo journey without a backup. The extra lens cap is an essential item that protects your lens and you can easily lose it on the way (in the matter of the fact, it is one of the common lost things among photographers). You don’t want to be in that situation without a reserve. Therefore, always carry extra at least for the items you know that can get lost quickly.


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In case you have a high – end DSLR camera, you don’t have to worry about this. However, if your DSLR camera is entry – level type, you might wanna read this. The latter doesn’t support WiFi. Consequently, it is important to have an Eye-Fi card. It can help you to connect automatically and upload photos from your camera to your PC. Since it is a wireless connection it will save your time and make things more manageable.

9. External Microphone

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In case you want to do more than amateur photography, you are going to need more accessories. If you want to record videos or make an interview with someone, you should not rely on the microphone in your camera because of the lack of quality (sound is weak). In order to get a better and clear sound, you need to have an external microphone.

10. Extra Batteries and Charger


Again, if you want to work as a professional, you need to think like one and always have an extra replacement for your camera. The most important thing is to have extra batteries and a charger. If you plan to travel and take pictures, this is a must. You do not always have an opportunity to charge your camera. Therefore you need to have an extra charger with you all the time while extra pair of batteries need to be in your bag all the time.


We made a selection of the most important accessories you need to have in order to make better photos. However, it depends on your needs and goals, what you are going to perceive as important or not. It the fact is that these accessories are going to help you to develop better and quality photos regardless of outdoors or indoor situations. If by any chance, you are reading this and you are an expert who has ideas of what can be found as useful, be free to contact us. We are going to be happy to extend our list.

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