What is The Fastest Way to Convert CR2 Files to JPG

This will be a small, by no means historic, lesson about photography. If you’re here looking for the solution of what our title puts as a subject you already know a thing or two about CR2. But, we’re going to start from the basics, and tell you a thing or two about what is it. For all the football fans out there, you can leave this article right now, as we’re not talking about some Cristiano Ronaldo predecessor. The CR2 is a raw photo, the like that photographer wanted it to be in the moment of capturing it.

It represents a work of art, but with a few flaws. For one, it can’t be edited due to its size. If you didn’t know, raw works like these are quite large. So, in order to edit this piece of work, you’ll need to convert it. Most artists can’t wait to start working on their art, so the thing they all look for is speed. They want the work done, and they want it done fast. This is why we’re going to talk about what is the fastest way to convert cr2 files to jpg. If this is what you want to know, you’re in the right place to learn it firsthand.

But, before we start, we need to give you a few short lessons about what’s CR2. It is a digital format of the photo you uploaded on your computer directly from a Canon camera. Canon Raw 2 is its official name, and we hope that you’ll remember this small trait of this big picture. Its size comes from the quality it possesses as it comes in high resolution which provides amazing detail that all photographers simply adore. While it’s nice having this raw unaltered photo, the edition requires converting, as we already pointed out and this is where JPG comes into play. This type of photograph received great attention mostly due to its size and ease of access.  It varies in usage, but most CR2 files eventually end up as JPG. Now that you know this little bit of photograph history and stories about medial files, let’s talk a bit about conversion.

How to Convert CR2 to JPG?


Let’s say it’s easy. All you need to know is where to look and what to use. Of course, the best place to start is one of the available online converters. If you’re not familiar with a good one, you’ll be fine if you listen to our advice. For example, you can start by using reaConverter. This one is perfectly fine and should do the trick for every photographer out there trying to convert their large-size digital files to smaller and more accessible ones. The reason why you should use this one is that it is quality software. The best part about it is that it allows you to convert multiple CR2 files all at once. In addition to conversion, it will also allow you to do all sorts of other edition jobs. There’s not too much philosophy to using it, but first, you need to start with downloading the app, and everything will be easy to understand if you follow the instructions the right way.

Why Should You Convert CR2?

These days, most photos need t go down the same road. It’s not like in Whitesnake’s song Here I Go Again On My Own, where the road is the same old one, but photos do end up in digital format most of the time. Photographers put them in this format mostly because they want to have easy access to them for any future editing. But, as we said, the high-resolution Canon

Raw 2 photos can’t be edited just like that. They can’t be edited at all, and conversion is always needed. Yes, they require to be converted into a different type, and in most cases, JPG is the ideal option. When you combine its size and the fact it can’t be edited, you understand that CR2 truly is meant to be transformed into something else. While enjoying its quality is beyond satisfying, the fact you can directly edit it is quite frustrating and it needs to be addressed.


What makes JPG so appealing is its versatility. This format can be put through all sorts of editors and programs for photography, which makes it quite popular all around the web. It comes in various image sizes which makes it an ideal converting partner for CR2. The fact that you can manage it as much as you please, and that it offers much more ease of access than the Canon Raw 2 simplifies the choice that JPG is. Just imagine if you tried to share multiple CR2 files with anyone. It is hard manageable work, even you had a Hubble telescope at your disposal and NASA computers. sharing and CR2 don’t bode well, and that’s why we have JPG on our hands, as one of the most widespread media files out there.


The one thing that we need to tell you, as it’s is something you need to know before converting is that it is a final decision. So, no takesies backsies. Once CR2 is converted to JPG you can’t convert it back. This is not how this works, and all the quality and high resolution of the original will be gone. Because of this, it is vital that even if you opt for converting don’t lose track of the original photo. If you don’t have issues with this and remember to leave the original on the side, your work should go just fine. Besides this, what we just told you, there are no other viable issues why you shouldn’t start converting your Canon raw 2 files to JPG straight away. Of course, if you dig deeper into photography and digital photos you’ll learn that there are many other files such as RAW, BMP, or PNG for example, but we’ll leave the conversation about these for another occasion. The world of photography is a vast one, but you can start with converting straight away after reading this article.

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