Fun and Unique Ways to Update Your Website’s Design 

Did you know you only have 15 seconds to entice someone with your website design? That’s why having a unique and fun web design is essential for online success. First things first, make sure you’re following the golden rules of website design. This means ensuring your website is easy to navigate, has a consistent layout, and a clean and sleek design.

If you’re not so tech-savvy or have too much on your plate already running your business then fear not. Consider hiring a web design agency (like The Creative Momentum) to help you out. They’ll save you hours of your precious time and you’re guaranteed to have a stellar website. Make your dream website a reality.

Motion and Animation

Quickly capture and convert new website visitors with hints and selective splashes of animated and motion graphics. Where is the thought process in this? Won’t unnecessary animation and motion slow down your site?

Think of it this way. Video is the quickest way to hook an audience. But website visitors are more likely to leave or click away from a website if they have to watch an entire video. To utilize the same attention-grabbing factor with short animated graphics.


Custom Illustration for One-of-a-Kind Graphics

Custom illustrations are the perfect way to get your website to stand out from the crowd. Hiring a graphic designer is no longer an outrageous expense or hard to come by with the wide range of freelance sites out there. They’ll be able to match the image exactly in your head and come up with something that fits your brand in a way stock icons and graphics can’t.

Add an Instagram Gallery Widget

Beautiful and captivating images are a must for website design nowadays. And promoting your business and engaging with your audience on social is another must on the to-do list. Hit two birds with one stone and add an Instagram gallery to your website’s design. It’s basically a no-brainer.


Avoid Blocky Designs

Simple two-color block designs are slowly becoming dated. While they’re straightforward and easy to read, they aren’t keeping the attention of readers. Instead, opt for something a little more interesting like an asymmetrical design. The offset creates something more interesting causing the eye to linger a bit longer.

Use Interesting Shapes and Designs

This idea is kind of a continuation of the asymmetrical design. By using shapes and patterns you’re going to break up the blockiness and straight down line and scroll. Since we’re now scrolling on our phones all day long and then come home to scroll down on our computers, we tend to lose interest easily when we’re forced to do this motion. Use interesting shapes and designs to force the eye to different areas of the page, side to side instead of just straight down.


Sometimes Less Is More

While it may seem counterintuitive, you shouldn’t be afraid to leave white space on your web pages. Of course, you don’t want a barren whitescape, but you don’t want your landing pages and content pages to be so overstuffed with images, ads, forms, and content that it’s overwhelming.

Give your design room to breathe. It might be time to declutter and experiment with empty space. Your readers will thank you.

Embed YouTube Videos

Making your website interactive can be difficult. This makes it a little easier. Capture your audience’s attention by offering them an easily digestible content format. If you have a YouTube channel this is one of the best ways you can repurpose your content. It’s also a great way to guide your audience to your different platforms.

Source: Kinsta

Give New Life to Images With Carousels

It’s common knowledge that stunning high-quality images will be a part of your design. If content is your bread and butter, then high-quality images are the butter on your content bread. But after seeing website after website full of static images, there’s nothing more monotonous than a web page full of static images.

Kick it up a notch by adding a little motion to your images with a carousel. It’s a small animation that isn’t overwhelming and is easy to integrate into your site design.


It’s important to add a variety of images to your website design. From photos to infographics, to motion graphics. Icons are another type of visually stimulating and easy-to-digest graphic you can add. They’re especially great for breaking up and grouping sections of educational and informational copy on your landing pages.


Vector Art

Another type of graphic you can add to your website is vector art. This style of art gives you more room to play around with image sizing while simultaneously maintaining the original quality of the image. This means you can use them anywhere in your design.

Play with Color Schemes

Maybe you’re going for something minimalistic and white or perhaps you want a flair of exclusivity with darker and bolder hues. You might also want something soft and feminine like pastel pinks, blues, or purples. Either way, the color scheme is where it’s at. It’s not something to be overlooked when designing your website. Use it to play up your web design. Put those brand colors to work.


Scroll Effects

Another option you have for keeping potential customers, clients, and audience members on your site are to utilize scroll effects. Just remember to integrate them smoothly so they enhance the user’s experience and keep them hooked. You don’t want to add scroll effects that will disrupt or take away from the main focus of the web page.

Web Design Is the Whole Sundae, Not Just the Cherry On Top

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention you need to keep it. Think of your overall web design as the bait and your content as the hook. Instead of fishing around aimlessly for views, spend some time really thinking over the foundational structure of your website.

Your web design is more than just frills. It lays the foundation for an optimized experience for your website visitors. After that foundation has been laid, add the fun decorum and design elements to make it pop in a unique and unforgettable way.

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