How to Generate Leads Using Quora

Getting a wide range of opinions on a topic from various experts will not only broaden your horizon but also increase your knowledge. However, it is usually a difficult task to assemble experts to answer a particular question. Fortunately, these experts can however share ideas and answer questions on a particular site.

Quora is a platform where questions are asked, and answers are given by the users. Information provided on the website is organized by the users. Quora serves as a connection between people who know and those who need this knowledge by presenting various perspectives to create a better understanding that will be beneficial to everyone.

It is also a popular way to increase your audience, improve your brand and boost your exposure while also growing relationships that encourage and aid them in their buying journey. Quora is an effective tool for generating business leads through a sales funnel.

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How to Use Quora

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The steps to using this platform are simple and easy. It allows one the opportunity to not only ask questions but also send in answers. The following steps will serve as a guide in using this site.

  • Create an Account

Using Quora requires you to first create an account. A first-time user will need to create an account while an old user can easily sign in with their already established account which could be a Google, Facebook, or an email account. Other requirements such as profile photo and connecting with friends can equally be filled out.

  • Set Preferences

This website allows one to choose certain topics which will be more visible on a user’s feed, this way your interests are well captured. Areas such as psychology, business, books, technology, movies, photography, economics, science, sports, design, and cooking are among the available options.

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  • Ask Questions

Once you have created or signed up an account and selected your interests, asking questions on the platform comes next. To do this, simply click on the red box found in the top right area of the page which carries ‘add question or link’ and input your question. After typing in your question, click on the add question box below.

Always ensure your questions are short, straightforward, devoid of grammatical errors and spellings, and unique.

  • Answer Questions

Since your feed contains the various topics that you have chosen, questions related to these areas will equally appear on your feed. If you have an honest and accurate answer, click on the question, and tap on the answer button after filling in your reply.

  • Upvote and Downvote Answers

One unique feature of Quora is the option to upvote an answer that is accurate while downvoting the one you think is uninformative or inaccurate. The visibility of a response will be affected by the number of upvotes or downvotes it has as those with more upvotes will be prioritized. The upvote is represented with an upward arrow while the downvote button is an arrow facing downwards.

Types of Leads

The product being sold will determine the customers and the construction of the message being sent. There are two main types of leads which are further divided into three stages.

  • Business-to-business Lead

This lead is the individual saddled with the duty of reaching purchasing decisions in the organization and is therefore spoken to directly. The tone is strictly transactional and professional.

  • Business-to-consumer Lead

This type of lead requires the business to speak to the intended customer directly. A conversational approach is used in conveying your thoughts and intentions to them.

How to Generate Leads Using Quora

Quora does not only discover various leads but allows you to specifically engage them in a manner that boosts your expertise and authority in any area of study. The following steps can be used to create leads using this platform.

  • Create a Unique Profile

This is essential because prospects often check the profile of who they are engaged with in a discussion. An accolade or previous achievement is evidence of your level of knowledge. Titles, business, and credentials can equally be included to build authority. A profile image projects a non-verbal image of you so ensure to choose one that is friendly and welcoming.

  • Identify an Audience

This is the next step after building a profile and this involves identifying groups and topics related to your business. Targeting areas to follow helps filter your feed and saves you from always searching for discussions relevant to your interest every time. Your chosen topic should also reflect those that can easily engage your audience.

  • Engage the Audience

This involves answering questions, capitalizing on the present discourse, and relating with the already existing audience. Bear in mind the reason for being there is to set up authority and establish trust amongst likely leads. To do this, one needs to write with confidence, clarity and certainty like an expert would. Present your experiences creatively in the first or second sentence of your answer to affirm why you are in the right position to answer the question.

  • Offer Authentic Solutions

In using this platform, attention should be paid to what the reader stands to gain after reading your response. Avoid appearing pushy or giving replies that are harsh when presenting your products, this enables you to develop a long-term plan and relationship with your prospect. Offer helpful answers that address the question and builds your reputation as an expert.

  • Content Creation

Quora allows one the opportunity to learn the interests of their target audience thereby enabling one to create content on websites and blogs relating to the concerns and demands of their target audience. This in turn will improve your knowledge on topics and enhance the content of your blog.

  • Use Trackbacks

This tool can be used to improve Search Engine Optimization results and also share content and responses that are cited on other platforms. When your content is tracked back to you, google acknowledges your work as being relevant and carrying authority. This will place you as a trusted source, enhance traffic on your website and blog, build brand awareness and be a source of generating a lead for any business.

You can also read up articles on how to increase traffic to your website so you have diversified means of boosting the visibility of your business.

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Building an efficient profile and developing relevant topics for a highly intellectual discussion is highly effective for generating leads and this is what Quora offers. It develops connections through various discussions in the community which enlarge the audience reach while building traffic to the website.

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