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Best Social Media Strategies To Apply in 2024

Few platforms offer every online business the reach they need to market their products to their customers.

These platforms grew as the World Wide Web started popularizing. With every new household obtaining internet access, these platforms gained a new user. And if you didn’t guess by now which type of platforms we’re talking about, we’re talking about social media ones.

The trifecta includes Facebook and Twitter, as the oldest ones, and Instagram as the newer one. All three offer incredible reach and all three can make your business a success.

However, there has been much debate regarding which is best for your business. As a general rule of thumb, an online business must have a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, and an Instagram account. Naturally, this makes all three equally valuable, but this is an understatement.

We can calculate each social media platforms’ value based on one key factor. This factor in question refers to the features each platform has. As features come in go, they actually play a key role in determining how functional for business a platform is.

So, if a feature is functional, a whole strategy can be made around it. And we are going to discuss the best social media strategies to apply for 2024.

1. For Instagram: Hashtags & Fan Engagement

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The youngest of the trifecta, Instagram has made a name for itself as the most popular to use by teens and young adults. Although the user count doesn’t come near as close to either Facebook or Twitter, it still is one of the apps to have.

Using hashtags is nothing new when it comes to all three platforms. But Instagram and Twitter have far greater use for hashtags than Facebook. As a matter of fact, the best way to grow on these two platforms is through hashtags. But how?

Well, each post on Instagram can have hashtags, and you can do the same with each photo or video post. The number of hashtags you can use is 30, although this might not be the best way to go about it.

Popular influencers recommend creating a hashtag strategy that will focus on one particular audience. There is no point in trying to get people over from various backgrounds, niches, and target groups. Instead, focus on a single group. They also recommend you use between five and ten hashtags, of which two to three should be unique brand hashtags.

As for the fan engagement part, it’s also a very important strategy. Namely, instead of using tools that automate everything, try to give your profile a touch of reality. What we mean by this is you should start replying to your followers and even include them in the conversation. A very popular way to grow is to publish stuff from your followers. This will not only increase your status amongst your followers, but it will also make you an authentic brand.

All of these strategies can be implemented by social media strategists. This is a very unique and wanted role within digital marketing that brands and businesses have much use of. If you’re interested in becoming one, make sure to visit for a full rundown.

2. For Facebook: You Need to Spend Money

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When it comes to utilizing social media platforms for the needs of your brand, nothing beats the effectiveness and ability to target a specific group as Facebook.

Facebook has a pretty impressive ad tool that allows you to target a specific group based on location, age, gender, and what their likings are. Mastering this tool can be very beneficial for your brand, but there is a twist to it.

Every Facebook page with more than 500K likes has a reach of >2%. This means that your posts will reach 10,000 people if your page has 500K likes.

This was a key algorithm change that made it difficult for people to make profits on Facebook, without giving the platform some of it.

And you’ll be giving them some of your money by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are the tool we talked about before. By now you understand how it works, but you need to make a key change in your advertisements to make the most out of it.

Namely, you should create your advertisements based on your needs and objectives. If your objective is to gain more likes, then you don’t really need a news feed ad, what you need is a brand awareness ad.

Simply determining your needs can save you a lot of money, time, and energy, while creating the most effective and cost-effective advertisements on Facebook. If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising, click here.

3. For Twitter: Fan Engagement & Personalization

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Twitter is indeed the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook but ranks third overall on how effective it is to grow a brand.

Twitter is very limited in terms of the tools and features needed for growth, and it resembles Instagram more. This is because the use of Twitter is far more personalized than business orientated, and this is how you will be using it.

The thing with this platform is that you can become a trusted brand based on what you tweet. This can include phrases, images, videos, links, etc.

But there is a clear and obvious way how to effectively utilize it.

Based on what we talked about, your tweets need to be personalized enough so that your followers can associate with them. This is especially the case when replying to tweets. Instead of that boring corporate response that everyone gets, try to acknowledge the person tweeting and solve their problem.

Another way to stand out from the rest and attract followers is to be creative with the way you respond. The ultimate goal here is to make people want to engage with you, and the only way to do that is by engaging with them in a personalized way.

Although Twitter is far less limited, it is still a pillar of the community and drives a lot of conversation on a daily bases. You can even say that this is the go-to platform if you want human interaction on the internet, and its importance cannot be underestimated.

How to make your social media to work for your website

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Utilizing your website to the fullest also involves making it friendly to search engines – so that not only humans but also robots visiting it can understand what it’s actually about. This comes with the benefit of appearing higher in Google Search so that customers can find your business (and not your competitors) when they need your solutions. To do that, you’ll often need to do what is known as Search Engine Optimization.

This often involves having a robust tool that offers different functionalities like keyword research, rank tracking, and website health checks. An example of a too like that is Mangools. The downside here is that these tools often come with a cost that if you don’t yet know how to make the most of can set you back every month, especially as you’re just starting out. Fortunately, there are newer, more alternative tools that come with a simpler and more straightforward interface. These alternatives are specifically made for people who have not worked with SEO that guarantee you an easier introduction. An example of an alternative tool would be Morningscore, which is a new SEO platform that is made particularly for people starting. To learn more about how those alternative tools compare to some of the bigger and more well-known ones, visit this link.

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