How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Consume Globally?

From the very start, man has made sure to survive and protect himself and his family from all sorts of dangers of this world. This is the reason why he has been termed as the most superior being. If we date back in history, we see people defending their honor …

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Are Altcoins Dependent On Bitcoin

We all already know that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that defines the whole market. The BTCs rates may go up and down, but it’s still the most wanted crypto, and people are often saying that it’s the gold asset for that market. Altcoins are the other cryptos that …

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How To Tell If You Have A Bitcoin Miner Virus?

As the value of Bitcoin rises, so will the cost of mining it. However, as legal mining expands, so does its illegal facet. The worst part is that we could all fall prey to crypto-monetary cybercrime mining. Cryptojacking is a serious threat to both business and computer users, or for …

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