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9 Best Smart LED TV Under 25000 in India 2024

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If you are interested in a Smart LED TV for some reasonable price, then welcome to our list. Here are some of the 9 best Smart LED TVs under Rs. 25000 in the Indian market.

1. MarQ 43 inch Full HD LED Android

43-inch screen Android Smart TV comes with thin bezels. It offers Full HD resolution, and you get a remote that can be controlled by voice. Chromecast is built in it, and you can easily access your mobile screen through television. 20W dual speakers and the audio quality is good because it operates on Digital Dolby speakers. 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports are also handy on this TV.

2. Kodak 43 inch Ultra HD 4K

This TV is Kodak’s latest edition this year. It has a resolution of Ultra HD 4K. HDR 10 powers High Dynamic Range, and the speakers have 20W. Like any other Smart TV on this list, this one comes with the ability of easy access to YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and other pre-installed games. It also offers WiFi.

3. Thomson 40 inch Full HD

With a smaller screen than the ones above, Thomson’s 40-inch screen Smart TV comes with Full HD Panel. You can color adjust if you desire to do so. 20W dual speakers, but Thomson’s TV also offers the possibility of sound through the TV. HDMI and USB ports are also available.

4. iFFALCON F2 40 inch Full HD

A+ grade panel and micro dimming are what this TV has to offer. In addition to this, you get WiFi and iFFALCON store on which you can find various gaming and other social media applications. There is a special Netflix button on the remote control, and Dolby speakers are a great feature, too.

5. LG 32 inch HD Ready

(Best Option)

Even though this TV has a 32-inch screen, the resolution is excellent. It has HD Ready resolution, but it offers a pleasant viewing experience. There is also an Active HDR and various HDR formats, like HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro. 20W sound output and Al ThinQ are also great features. Natural Language Processing is also available.

6. Mi TV 4A 43 inch

Full HD resolution TV. 20W stereo speakers, a 64-bit quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage are some of the best features you can get for such a price. The OS is Patchwall, but there is no Google play store. Sony 32 inch HD Ready

Sony is one of the most trusted brands in the world. The colors that this TV provides are significant as the screen supports multiple HDR formats like HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports are available too, and its three speakers provide 30W. Another fantastic thing on this TV is that there is an inbuilt subwoofer that gives deep bass riff, soaring vocals, and great soundtracks.

7. VU 49 inch Full HD

The latest edition from VU. With its A+ grade panels and fantastic sound, this is an astounding TV for a price under Rs. 30000. It supports DTS-TV, and it has features like Tonic Sonic, Total Surround, and Total Volume. The Late Night sound mode is also great when it comes to dialogue clarity. The OS is Premium Smart OS, and it will work wonders for you if you have UX.

8. Samsung 32 inch Full HD

Samsung is another trusted brand in India. It is a bit priceyer than other TVs on our list, but it offers an excellent viewing experience, and it is worth every rupee. Smart Convergence Technology gives you the ability to share content from your smartphone to your TV screen. 40W audio speakers are also a fantastic feature, as well as four speakers that it comes with. HDR technology and Micro Dimming Pro are great things here, too. The bad things are that it has only 2 HDMI and one USB port.

9. VU Iconium 43 inch Ultra HD (4K)

VU made this TV running on Android 7.0 OS, and the remote control has a special button that allows you to access YouTube easily, Hotstar, and other applications. WiFi gives you the opportunity of browsing through Netflix, Eros, Skype, and other social media. Two speakers with 20W are also a great feature.


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If we somehow happened to inquire as to whether there is a gadget without which your life would be entirely unexpected? at that point, Television would be a conspicuous decision. Today, TV and media have assumed such a significant position in our general public that it is only hard to depict their worth in straightforward words. Thusly TV is totally perhaps the best wellspring of amusement.

Getting to the meaningful part, TVs have gone through gigantic changes since their presentation during the 1960s. Gone are the times of those massive CRT sets with show tubes. Driven is a new pattern. Thin LEDs to be exact. With magnificent picture quality, brilliant tones, and less force utilization, LED TVs have gotten the go-to alternative among purchasers.

High-quality LED TVs are often priced higher. But if you are looking for a LED TV under 15000, also check the recommendations by Homeplace.

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