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Best Non-Smart TV 2024 – Complete Buying Guide

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Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV Seiki 32 inch SC-32HS 880N 720p LED TV HD
Samsung Electronics 32 inch 720p LED TV Sceptre 50 inch 1080p Class Full HD LED TV Seiki 32 inch 720p LED TV HD
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If you are currently looking to buy a new TV, you might have felt like there is no other option but to buy a smart one. In 2024 non-smart TVs seem like a distant memory. Wherever you look, smart gadgets and appliances, as well as smart TVs, have replaced the old technology. However, many of us don’t get to put many of the features that come with the “smart” technology in use. Why are then these TV devices so popular these days?

Basically, smart TVs come with the possibility of connecting to the internet and using them for streaming services such as HBO or Disney. You can download apps and use them as a gigantic smartphone. In the era of new technologies, maybe we should stop and take a moment to think. How many of us actually use HBO, Netflix, Alexa, or other similar services? Do you play YouTube or Spotify via TV often? Most of us don’t.

Are you worried about TV security and privacy risks? Or that perhaps that your usage data and viewing is being sent to third parties? If the answer to this question is positive, then maybe you should consider investing in a non-smart TV. In 2024 they don’t lack the quality and are definitely not outdated. Their manufacturers are inventive as they are trying to stay on the market. The huge benefit of buying this kind of TV is that these devices are far more affordable than the smart ones.

Top Picks for 2024

Are you looking for a regular, “dumb” TV device? Continue reading as we will provide you with a list of some of the best models currently available at the market.

1. Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32 inch 720p LED TV (2015)


Samsung Electronics UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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Samsung is a South Korean brand, one of the pioneers when it comes to LDC screens. This technological giant needs no introduction. When buying devices or gadgets manufactured by Samsung, you can be sure to receive a prime product.

Although Samsung produced this series of TV sets back in 2015, you can be sure that this product is worth your consideration. This TV comes with a screen diagonal of 32″. The dimensions without stands are 28.7″ x 17.2″ x 3.1″. It is an HD display with a resolution of 720p, which will project more than a crisp picture of great quality. This device comes with a great dynamic color range, which will enhance your watching experience.

There are some additional outlets on the back of the TV. Two 2 HDMI, one USB, one RF outlets are available to the users. The two-legged stand comes with the TV set.

ResolutionFHD/HDDiagonalMounting TypeConnectivity
32 inches
Wall Mounted

2. Sceptre 50 inch 1080p Class Full HD LED TV


Sceptre 50 inch 1080p Class Full HD LED TV

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This is probably a non-smart TV set with the biggest screen on the market. This particular product comes with a diagonal of 50″! And at a rather affordable price. Have you heard about the brand Sceptre before? Sceptre might not be a famous brand like Sony, LG, or Samsung. However, it is one of Walmart’s top-selling brands.

Now, let’s get back to the device. The dimensions of this TV set are 44.25″ x 27.57″ x 8.52″. It is a model that Sceptre first introduced to the market in 2018. The picture is clear and this TV has a dazzling color range. You can be sure that MEMC 120 will deliver smoothly twice as many frames as 60Hz. This is a Full HD TV device with a screen resolution of 1080p.

It comes with an HDMI port, VGA, and Component and Composite inputs for more connectivity. A standard wide two-legged stand comes with the TV set.

ResolutionFHD/HDDiagonalMounting TypeConnectivity
50 inches
Wall Mounted

Watch the following video for a quick overview of this TV:

3. ProScan PLDED4016A 40 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV


ProScan PLDED4016A 40 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV

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ProScan is an electronics manufacturer and trademark that has been in continuous use since 1990. It one of many brands of the French company Technicolor SA. The products made by ProScan are competing with some other higher-end electronics. The ProScan is owned by Technicolor USA.

The PLDED4016A model is a TV device with a built-in ATSC Tuner. The dimensions of this set are 41.50″ x 35.80″ x 10″. It is a Full HD LED screen with a resolution of 1080p. The great news is that this model comes with mount ready accessories. You can place it directly on the wall without having to invest in additional components.

Various types of outlets and inputs for more connectivity are available on the back of the TV. This means you can use it both as a TV screen as well as a monitor for your desktop, or an additional display for your notebook PC. The TV comes with a two-legged stand.

ResolutionFHD/HDDiagonalMounting TypeConnectivity
40 inches
Wall Mounted

4. Sceptre X328BV-SR 32 inch 720p LED TV

Sceptre X328BV-SR 32 inch 720p LED TV

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As we have mentioned earlier, Sceptre is a brand that produces good-quality HD non-smart TVs. It should come as no surprise that we have another TV model from the same manufacturer on our list.

This TV set has a screen diagonal of 32″, and its dimensions are 28.78″ x 16.97″ x 2.95″. A wide two-legged stand is included in the package. The product is rated as energy star V7.0. It produces no harmful greenhouse gases.

Once again, different ports and jacks such as HDMI inputs or USB ports are here to enable users with more connection possibilities.

ResolutionFHD/HDDiagonalMounting TypeConnectivity
32 inches
Wall Mounted

Check out this video for a quick demo of this model:

5. Seiki 32 inch SC-32HS 880N 720p LED TV HD

Seiki 32 inch SC-32HS 880N 720p LED TV HD

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Seiki Digital is an American television manufacturer. They are known for producing very affordable HD LCD TVs.

The Seiki TV set comes with a screen diagonal of 32″. Which means that the overall dimensions of this model are 31″ x 19.3″ x 4.4 “. It is an HD TV screen with a resolution of 720p. It comes with a two-legged wide stand. However, with the correct TV hardware, the user can hang it on the wall.

There are three HDMI inputs, one Component Video input, digital audio output, and a headphone jack. The TV screen can also be used as a PC monitor.

ResolutionFHD/HDDiagonalMounting TypeConnectivity
32 inches
Wall Mounted

Buyer’s guide

tv buying guide

Have you found a model of the non-smart TV that best fits your needs? Don’t worry if you couldn’t decide on it yet. We have made a short buyer’s guide to help you “navigate” through a great number of information about the products. Our brief guide is followed by some frequently asked questions. After reading them, you will have a better perspective on finding a non-smart TV that will be just right for you.

When investing in a new TV, you should pay attention to a few important parameters and factors. These include:


Setting a budget is a crucial step when investing in a new TV. If you want a larger screen, you will definitely need to pay more. Of course, there is a “dumb” TV for every wallet. Non-smart TVs are generally more affordable than smart TVs of the same size. Therefore for less money, you can expect to get yourself a bigger screen. Great news! Right?


tv size chart

When deciding on TV size, think of it as any other furniture piece. It needs to fit wherever you plan to put it. Also, it should be in proportion to the other elements of your inner space. If you have a large bare wall in your living room, a 32″ TV will look a bit odd. On the other hand, a 75″ screen will be overpowering in your kids’ bedroom.

Our tip is to take a measuring tape and check the dimensions. Check all three dimensions- height, width, and depth. The way a TV screen is measured by the manufacturers is along with the screen diagonal.

If you have enough space, we would recommend a 50″ to 60″ TV. This size is comfortable for watching if you are sitting 6 to 10 feet away. This is a typical scenario for a regular modest size living room.


Contrast Ratio is an important TV feature. It represents the difference between the lightest and the darkest picture that a TV can create. Make sure to chose TV sets that have greater dynamic contrast. Brightness is not a characteristic you should particularly worry about. Most of the TV sets are already bright enough.


A resolution is several pixels on the screen — the greater the number of pixels, the better the image quality. Standard screen resolutions are 1080p, which stands for 920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height, or 720p, which is actually 1366 pixels in width and 768 pixels in height. Nowadays, 4K is slowly becoming the standard screen resolution.

Mounting Accessories

tv mounting

Choosing where you want to place your TV is another important decision to make. If you plan to mount your TV to a wall, consider the accessories that you will need for this purpose. Wall brackets are key elements to look for in this case.

However, if you want to place it on some flat, horizontal surface, then two-legged wide distance stands are all you need. However, this means that the surface under your device will have to be as wide as your TV set.

Some manufacturers prefer a central pedestal stand that will allow you to position your TV on a smaller piece of furniture. Brands that are producing more affordable sets are more likely to use this type of mounting accessory.


Can you still buy a non-smart TV?

It is definitely getting harder to find a TV that doesn’t come with smart features these days. However, it is still possible to purchase a non-smart or “dumb” TV. However, most of these sets are made by some lesser-known brands. Here is a list of brands that still offer these types of TV sets: Seiki, Onn, RCA, and Sceptre, etc. Some more famous brands such as Philips make this type of TV, too.

Do smart TVs listen to your conversations?

The short answer is YES. Some experts say that depending on the model of smart TV you own, it can listen to your conversations. Many of them come with a microphone. Some newer models come with integrated cameras. Therefore they can “spy” on us and listen to what we are doing.

Users are getting lazier and lazier, and they want to change TV channels just by using their voices. In the higher-end TV models, microphones stay turned on all the time. The TVs can gather information about their users and send it back to the manufacturer or even a third-party company.

If you are worried about smart devices, such as TV, collecting and sharing information about you, buy a non-smart TV.

Does leaving your TV on all night ruins it?

It is important to know that all TVs dim over time. This is since phosphors in plasma age over time.

In the long run, leaving your TV on all night will get it dim sooner than if you only watch it for a few hours a day. By reducing the backlight control or turning down the contrast, you may prolong the life of your TV, but only to a certain degree and only for a limited time. After that, it will get dimmer.

Wrap Up

The non-smart TV sets in 2024 are up-to-date and modernly designed. They are using LED technology and are sleek and easy to use, too. Some of the key benefits of these sets are privacy security, watching experience, user-friendly experience, and more affordable prices.

As you may have seen, non-smart TV devices have many advantages. Hopefully, our list has helped you decide on the product that will keep you entertained, provide you the best image quality, and will best fit your personal requirements. Your privacy is guaranteed with them, so they are suitable for you or your kids’ bedroom and can easily fit in any space.

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