5 Best Smartwatches Under $50 [2024 Buying Guide]

We live in an era of technology, and we want everything to be fast and easy. Considering that, there is no wonder how smartwatches became a must-have. Interestingly, something that we have used only to see what time is it now became a mini-computer, which you can use for a lot of purposes, including communication.

All kind of people is using this modern device, no matter what profession they are: businessman, sportsman or just people who like technology. Smartwatches are convenient if you love to exercise because some models can show you even your heartbeat, pulse, stride, etc.

Some of the best devices are made by leading companies such as Apple and Samsung. Of course, if you want to buy a watch from these brands, you will need a lot of money. However, if you’re going to get a decent smartwatch and for a reasonable price, you should consider some less known brands. Prices can vary from $10 to $50, and the cheapest will have some limited functions, but it will still be a good watch. For the $100 you can find a smartwatch to have the same features like Apple’s. Nonetheless, we decided to make a list of the top 5 best smartwatches that you can find on the market under $50. All of these products have decent features so you can decide which device is perfect for your needs.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

Before you choose the right watch, you should consider a couple of things. That’s why we provided a small guide that will help you. You should keep the following advice in your mind.

  • Always check is your watch compatible with Apple products. Some of the devices will not work well if it’s not.
  • Make sure the device comes with a warranty.  You can only buy an extremely cheap model without warranty.
  • Be careful when you are downloading APK files and make sure which sites you will use.
  • If you have battery problems, try to change just the battery, not the whole device.
  • Make sure that bands fit you well, and that is not too big or too small.
  • You should buy a model that is waterproof because of sweat and water.

Now when you are aware of this, take a look of the five devices that we choose.

1. Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch – $44.22


Pebble E-Paper is for sure the best smartwatch that you will find in this budget. It has a simple design and is good enough for everyday use such as exercising or going to work. The display is square, and it’s not too big or too small. You will not have troubles with the battery because it can last even for a week with a single charge. It’s important to say that there is a lot of content that you can download. There is also a Pebble app that can help you to improve the smartwatch. Also, you can have apps like Spotify to stream music.

It can be easily paired with Bluetooth to access SMS messages, notifications, apps, and emails. It’s compatible with Android and Apple, which is a huge plus.

2. XINYUNG Smartwatch – $30.99

Source: Cnet

Even though the price is lower, this model has a lot to offer. The 1.3-inch screen it’s small enough to look classy and large enough that you can see everything. With this smartwatch, you will get a lot of great features such as remote camera, GPS connectivity, music player, alarm, stopwatch and more. Also, you can receive both call and message notifications so you will not miss a thing. XINYUNG offers a fitness tracker, which is useful. It tracks burned calories, how many steps you have taken, how long you are sleeping, and what’s the quality of your sleep.

The downside is that fitness tracker is not always accurate.

3. ANCwear Bluetooth Smartwatch – $29

(Best Option)


This Breitling limited edition watch has impressive features with a surprisingly reasonable price. It’s suitable for Androids and iPhones, but it cannot work with Windows phones. However, it’s compatible with Samsung new notes series phones, and it can work with Nokia phones via Bluetooth. It offers a lot of great features such as rest mode, pedometer, power save mode, long-distance photo capture, sleep, and monitor app. The display is big and sensitive, which can be useful because it’s easy to access everything. On the other hand, this model is too sensitive, so sometimes it can get activated while you are quietly sitting or walking. The battery is impressive, and it can last for 8 hours in full working mode.

4. GARINEMAX Smartwatch – $42.99

GARINEMAX can make a lot of aspects of your life more comfortable thanks to his functionality. Your communication will be much more organized thanks to the notifications from different applications. This includes social media apps, calls, messages, so the one thing you can be sure of-you will never miss something out. With this model, you can control music or your phone’s camera with your watch without even picking up your smartphone. For this possibility, all credit goes to remote access to your smartphone.

With GARINMEX, you can also monitor biological functions. It can keep track of your steps taken, heart rate, sleep, calories burned, and more. The only problem here is that the tracker isn’t always correct so it can show results higher or lower.

It’s crucial to mention the durability of this watch, and it can be used in all kind of environments. For example, you can wear it even in the shallow water thanks to the water-resistant rating of IP67.

5. YIIXIIYN Smartwatch – $26.99


Considering the low price, this model has impressive characteristics. When you connect the device on your smartphone, you can connect to a lot of applications. Thanks to this possibility, you can check social media accounts, make and receive calls, read messages, etc. It’s easy to use it as an entertainment system because you can control the music on your phone thanks to the remote music control. One more function of this watch is activity tracker, which will provide you to keep track of your steps or to monitor your movements.

This smartwatch is also an organizer because of the functions like alarm clock and calendar. It’s water-resistant, and it’s very durable.

The downside is that some features will not work with iPhone models because this watch is more compatible with Android phones.

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