5 Benefits of Graphic Tablets for Teachers & Distance Learning

Due to the pandemic, many schools and colleges worldwide closed, and at that time, the demand for online and distance learning increased. And this brought a massive change in the teaching pattern as well. Teachers and parents started to worry about what effective methods to use to make distance education better for their children. Here, technology begins to play a preeminent role.

Nowadays, graphic tablets have gained a lot of popularity across the globe, especially in the teaching field. It allowed tutors to provide education to their students effectively in the online mode. Like we have chalkboards or whiteboards in the offline classrooms, in a similar way, drawing tablets helps tutors to interact progressively with the students. This article will learn about some of the significant benefits of using a graphic tablet in distance learning.

If you are a teacher, then there might be a lot of confusion in your mind about how you can make informative content for your learners and build a great learning environment. But worry not because we have got you covered. After knowing the benefits of this perfect teaching tool, your search will be complete. Scroll down for more information related to this topic.

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Benefits of Using Graphic Tablets for Teachers in Online Classroom

1. Helps in interacting with the learners more effectively: .

It is easier for both the faculty and the learners to interact in offline classes, but when we talk about online courses, it is pretty challenging to interact with each student. The question here arises how you can create effective interaction with the learners? Using graphic tablets and conducting real-time online classes using any software can help teachers achieve this objective.

Many software can be used by the tutors to conduct live sessions with their students. All you have to do is to find the software that is compatible with your graphic tablet. For example, WizIQ is an online class conducting software that offers compatibility to the XP-PEN drawing tablet.

By using the XP-PEN, tutors can do various valuable things such as drawing graphs or diagrams, marking presentations and assignments, skillfully explaining complex equations, etc.

Instructors can likewise make and clarify intuitive substance outwardly by composing, altering, and commenting on straightforwardly in documents and sharing their screen continuously. With this adaptability, the progression of the critical thinking measure is introduced naturally and productively.

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2. Helps in the development of your career:

Are you a tutor and looking forward to enhancing your skills that can help develop your career? If yes, then you must get a drawing tablet for yourself. Nowadays, professionals use various platforms such as Youtube, Udemy, Facebook, etc., to broadcast their courses, which is indeed working great for them. They all are using these devices to create an effective learning process. 

3. Works as an e-signature tool: 

Smartphones and computers have become an essential part of our lives, and we all are aware of the importance of working remotely. We don’t have to step out of our home to do various things such as sending emails, conducting a web call, designing a webpage, etc., because all of these tasks can be performed at our convenience.

Signatures play a vital role whenever we have to send any document online. Today also most people prefer paper contracts but when we have new technology in our hands, why not use it? A graphic tablet is a good e-signature tool, which people can use to add their signs in emails or basically wherever they want to place the signature tag. 

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4. Provides natural and smoother drawing motions:

We all understand the importance of diagrams or graphs in studies. While teaching online, it becomes challenging for the tutors to draw various diagrams by using a mouse. In that case, using a graphic tablet would be easier. With the help of this device, teachers can smoothly create curves according to their wishes and even draw smaller and complicated diagrams. 

5. Helps in taking notes: 

PDF docs and PowerPoint ppts have become handy tools for distance learning. With the help of pen drawing devices, it becomes easier for people to take notes on these document files. It can also mark, underline and highlight the essential points to remember in your files. Taking notes and highlighting good issues always helps in creating a practical learning session.

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Some Tips to Pick the Right Pen Tablet

You need to remember some tips while choosing the right graphic tablet compatible with your laptop or desktop. These tips are given below:

  • Lightweight and portable: If there is not much space on your desktop desk, you need to look for a light drawing tab that does not occupy much space. It should not have a lengthy and complicated installation process and should be designed to connect with different devices.
  • Should have some particular shortcuts: Another critical thing to look at in the drawing tabs is to come up with some specific set of shortcuts that can be used to increase your work efficiency. The shortcuts that your pen tab must include an undo button, which helps in reversing your mistakes and the capacity to change the size of the pen.
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To Sum Up

Everything has changed since the arrival of the pandemic, including the teaching patterns. When schools and colleges closed, there was only one way left to teach the students, and, i.e. online classrooms. Virtual classes have become an important part of the learner’s and the tutor’s life.

Tutors have to face various problems while teaching online and one of the most significant issues is the lack of interaction between them and the learners. However, there are multiple ways to conduct interactive live sessions, and one such tool that helps build efficiency is graphic tablets. It is a device that has gained a lot of popularity these days and is being widely used by tutors to improve distance learning.

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