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Best PUBG Mobile Controller Under Rs. 500 in India 2024

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground or PUBG is an online multiplayer combat royale game, and it gained fame when its mobile version came out. There are now millions of player in the world, and the game is trendy in India, too. Many players play this game with mobile controllers, so we decided to give you the best mobile controllers that you can find in the Indian market for a price of under Rs. 500. Take a look.

1. Secro (Rs. 103)

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It is a mobile joystick, and it runs on Android and iOS Operation System. It comes with a six-month warranty, and you can play PubG Mobile as well as Fortnite Mobile.

2. ROQ (Rs. 149)

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This is a PUBG mobile game controller for Android and iOS. The bad thing about this mobile joystick is that it has a warranty of 30 days only. It is compatible with PubG and Fortnite Mobile.

3. AnyTech (Rs. 343)

(Best option)

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The great thing about this AnyTech mobile game controller is that it offers a one-year warranty. It is OS supported on Android and iOS, and you can play PubG and Fortnite Mobile.

4. Stockhawkers (Rs. 340)

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Just like other controllers on this list, it runs on Android and iOS.

5. RPM (Rs. 249)

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The warranty is for three months, and the characteristics are the same as other mobile game controllers on our list. The only difference is the price.

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